Here’s why travel insurance is a must when you are travelling to London


Going on a holiday and travelling to new cities is always a fun thing to do. Though we all hope to have the best time of our lives on our trips, things can get overwhelming and sometimes you can face a few unpleasant experiences. But booking at stay at London City Suites will only give you a pleasant experience.

Some things can’t be controlled and are happen by sheer accident, but a lot can be saved if you have protected yourself with a travel insurance while doing bookings and making your travel itinerary.

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When travelling to London, getting a proper travel insurance is a must. Here are some prime reasons, explained in detail that tell you about the importance of having a travel insurance when you are travelling.

Flight Delays

Flight delays and cancellations can happen at any time and for various reasons. You must be all set to go home after a successful trip but at the last hour your flight gets cancelled due to some adverse weather conditions, a fault in the plane or any other such reason. All other flights are booked, and you are left stranded at the airport. This is the time when your travel insurance will come handy. With a trip interruption coverage, you will get the money to refund the money you have spent to buy a new ticket or stay in a hotel until you find the next flight out.

Lost Luggage

During busy seasons, loss of baggage by the airline is not totally unheard of. Imagine you are in London for a very crucial business meeting or a wedding and you don’t receive your luggage. This can be a very shocking and troubling experience. This is the time you use your travel insurance for coverage of delayed bag. This helpful feature will help you relax, while they look for your bags, recover them and make them reach your hotel/accommodation as soon as they can. You will also be reimbursed for the essential items that you may need in the meantime. You get full coverage of luggage that is lost, stolen or damaged. This includes everything from clothes, toiletries to the lost suitcase.

Accident or Illness

An unfortunate incident can happen anywhere. You never know when you meet with an accident or are hit by a serious illness and require immediate medical attention. In this critical situation again, your travel insurance comes handy. With your medical coverage you will get immediate treatment and you can claim your expenses through the insurance.

Vacation Cancellation

For some reason if you must cancel a fully booked trip, for reasons like some illness, death in the immediate family, work or any other natural calamity. Your money and booking will not go waste as a trip cancellation coverage will cover it all for you. You get refunds and recover your expenses.

Credit Cards Don’t Cover Everything

Sometimes we depend on our Credit Cards for paying for an urgent and unavoidable expense. But beware there are places that don’t accept credit card payments, or you may not meet the limit of the expense. In such cases the insurance can take care of the expense.