Exploring the Hidden Gem: The Barbican Centre London


Perhaps you are a frequent traveller but somehow, other than the Heathrow layovers, you have never gotten the chance to plan a proper trip to London. Well, this blog is surely going to be your queue to plan one! There’s so much to explore in London for people of every age that it almost gets confusing as to what places to add to your list. The best part, however, is that some places in London just tend to stand out.

One of these destinations is The Barbican Centre London. The Centre is nothing less than a treasure trove with art galleries showcasing timeless art pieces, the Barbican library, the famous ‘Pit’, trade exhibition halls, and a conservatory too. This 40-year-old complex is the largest art performing venue in Europe and is also known to host a massive number of screenings, concerts, and art shows, all in one place. Even the legendary London Symphony Orchestra was hosted by the Barbican Centre which makes it the ultimate destination for a mind-boggling experience! To add to its charm, the first-ever silent disco in London made its debut here, back in the year 2001.

The concrete architecture of the centre promises a theatrical and artsy experience which is so realistic, that you will almost end up feeling like a part of one of its splendid art representations and shows. There’s more good news for all the art discoverers out there, the centre hosts an annual charity ball to promote the best artworks. The long list of praises doesn’t end here as the Barbican Art Gallery is like taking a tranquil stroll through splendid artworks from leading figures across the world including the Turner award-winning artists.

Moreover, the Barbican Archive lets you experience art exhibitions from decades back and events around the Barbican that’ll leave you awe-inspired. For many, it’ll be more of a cultural hub, boasting of cinema that you can experience with the utmost comfort in the form of well-curated events and programs.

Honestly, it’s almost exhausting to count the number of amazing things that the Barbican Centre has to offer! Now, that you have made up your mind to add Barbican Centre to the top of your list when in London, it is also important to plan a fulfilling stay which is like a cherry on top. If you are looking to plan your day exploring the Barbican, The Barbican Rooms is one of the most staggering hotels near Barbican Centre London. With rooms that display art and character on the outside and comfort on the inside, it is a great choice for a peaceful and private stay be it a family getaway, a once-in-a-lifetime trip with your besties or even a solo trip.

P.S. The Barbican Centre is hosting an event called ‘Unforgettable Lives’ at its library this July where you can hear stories of Londoners from African, Asian, Caribbean and Indigenous heritage. So, even if it is a one-night stay that you are planning, The Barbican Rooms London has got you covered!

Just moments away from your room, are the Chiswell Street Dining Rooms which is the ultimate destination to enjoy extraordinarily delectable British cuisines. With so much to look out for with the Barbican Centre, it’s not tough to say that your search for the best hotel packages in London ends with The Barbican Rooms located in the heart of the city, ensuring you indulge in an unforgettable experience with a luxurious stay.