London Sites to Explore for Spy Enthusiasts


The city of London has been associated with the fine art of espionage, for longer than one could remember! London is a city with endless possibilities! Make optimum use of your time and acquaint yourself with London’s incredible history as you head to the top spy sites and plan an exciting day, listening to tales of London’s investigating past and solving mysteries from the times of kings and queens.

St. James’s and Scotland Yard

Home to New Scotland Yard, the Metropolitan Police headquarters, and the Palace of Westminster start your journey uncovering the spy missions and mysteries with this palace. This is where the espionage made its way to town in the time of Queen Elizabeth I. The Queen’s father, Henry VIII had created the Church of England after he was refused a fast-track divorce from Catherine of Aragon. A fight for accession followed as there was no male heir to take the throne. This led to a time of fear, suspicion, and spying.

A war raged in England, not on the battlefield but in Westminster Palace’s stone vaulted arches. The nooks and crannies of the palace are where conspirators hid and hatched new plots. Take a multimedia tour or a guided tour of one of the world’s most famous buildings near The Barbican Rooms Hotel and relive tales of gatherings manipulated by spymasters where the recruitment system continues to function today! Founded in 1829, the Metropolitan Police Service operated from a building at Whitehall Palace and the public access was through a rear entrance at the Scotland Yard.

The Tower of London and the Tower Hill

After the Scotland Yard experience, head to Victoria Embankment, moments away from your luxurious London city hotel. Find yourself at a splendidly preserved Normal Castle, the world-renowned Tower of London. Originally built as a prison by William the Conqueror in the year 1078, it was a symbol of hatred of the novel ruling elite, responsible for England’s invasion. Both the Tower Hill and the Tower of London are famed through centuries-old stories of execution, torture, and imprisonment.

A must-visit on any London tourist trail, discover the Traitor’s Gate here which acts as an entrance to hidden cells and tunnels in the bowels of the historic castle. In fact, some of England’s most significant political prisoners were accused of treason and executed here. Allow yourself at least three hours to discover the iconic castle and make sure to include a visit to the Crown Jewels for an experience to remember!

Lincoln’s Inn Fields

With your enviably located abode at one of the hotels near Barbican, and the Tower of London at your doorstep, take the Tube to the Temple stop and locate wooden doorways through which you’ll step into a peaceful oasis of medieval-era courtyards and buildings, and lush green spaces.

Discover Lincoln Fields with a 90-minute scheduled tour, led by a member of the Inn’s staff as you take a stroll through the fields- the favoured haunt of barristers! Back in the Elizabethan times, the final execution of the less exalted prisoners happened at this central London spot, as they were hanged to the point of near death.

Add these spy spots to your list for an exclusive experience digging into the secrets of London’s history! If you travelling to London on a work trip, you can plan conferences, presentations and more at the highly tech-wired meeting rooms in London City, perfect for all types of social or official gatherings.