Family favourite spots and activities in London


London despite being a cosmopolitan city is a popular destination for families coming here for holidays from all around the world. If you are planning a trip to London with your family and specially kids you can be sure that you are in for a lots of things to see, activities to indulge in and places to discover.

When you are travelling with kids you need to take pre-planning a bit more seriously. Keeping some little things organised can help you have a relaxed and satisfying trip to the city. Once you have booked your ticket you should then look for a comfortable hotel that is central, is close to London restaurants, transport links and other basic facilities.

A lot of unplanned things are expected to erupt when you are travelling with your little ones to a new city and our outside the comfort of your home. But booking your stay at the Montcalm London City Suites will give you great services, facilities, extra attention to make sure your family is well settled in the hotel, superb facilities and amenities, plus, the grandness and beauty of modern interiors will only make your trip as relaxing as it can be. You will also get a lot of complimentary services like free Wi-Fi, handy phones and more here. Ideally located in the heart of the city it is close to tube stations and bus links, this give you unmatched convenience and comfort of commuting easily during your stay here.

Now you are ready to check-in at one of the most comfortable hotels, so here’s a list of places you can see and fun activities you can engage in with your kids in London:

1. London Wetlands

London Wetlands

This oasis of wildlife and greenery is just moments away from the main city centre. You can plan a picnic here, enjoy the lake, the birds, ponds and the plush green gardens here. Plus, when you feel hungry you enjoy a meal at a great cafe here that is inside the premises. The kids will love the vast, green areas to play around and let loose. You can book the ticket to this place online/in-advance and enjoy some discounts.

2. Pembroke Lodge

Pembroke Lodge

Another great place to have a good family time is this Lodge. Beautifully set in the Richmond Park, here you can enjoy spectacular views of the Thames Valley. You can walk along this scenery and reach down the hill at Petersham Gate, where there is a sandy playground for kids. This place too has a great cafe.

3. Chiswick House and Gardens

Chiswick House and Gardens


Another gorgeous park of the city, your kids can do a picnic here, cycle or scoot here and enjoy some yummy food at the garden’s exclusive cafe.

4. Horniman Museum

Horniman Museum

An ideal place to spend a full day, this museum is engaging and educational for both kids and grown-ups. Plus, there is a musical museum here too. After seeing the museum you can enjoy the gardens where the kids can experiment with various instruments or enjoy the small farm along with the food at the cafe.

5. Morden Hall and Deen City Farm

Well-maintained by the National Trust, you can enjoy the different flora and fauna here depending on the season you travel in. A nice cafe and a fun city farm which is free, your kids will really enjoy here. Plus, the grown-ups can shop here at the Good Garden centre.