A complete guide for exploring the Highgate area of London


London has so much to see and experience for all kind of tourists travelling to the city from around the world. The city offers a variety of things to entrain all types visitors as well as locals. The Highgate area of London is a must-visit as here you can explore the beautiful history, culture, architecture, attractions and other cafes and pubs of this area. Easily accessible via the London tube, the Highgate station is served by the Northern Line of the London underground station.

This place is located on the top of a steep hill and offers stunning 18th century architecture for you to see and explore. Full of well-maintained green spaces will charm your heart.

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Go for a leisurely stroll along Highgate High Street

In this area you will find vast spaces that are lush green and offer nature’s best in the heart of the city.


Visit the traditional pubs

This area is also famous for its many great pubs. Here you can enjoy a great drink at the famous pubs, an afternoon tea experience or a great meal at the many popular restaurants of this area.

Visit Highgate Cemetery

You will be surprised to learn that this cemetery is so beautifully maintained that it is almost considered an attraction. This is the capital’s most famous graveyard, that attracts visitors, writers and artists. Attracting many wealthy residents of London, it has the graves of some famous personalities like Karl Marx, Michael Faraday, George Elliot and more along with impressive tombs, churches and monuments. If you take a guided tour here, you can learn many stories about the cemetery and its residents.

Explore the parks

If you want to explore the outdoors of this area, then here’s a list of parks in this and nearby areas that you must explore. Here you can go for a stroll, have a nice family time, plan a barbeque or a picnic with your friends and family.

• Finsbury Park London
• Waterlow park
• Highgate Wood

Best Streets

To capture the real vibe of this area, you visit some of the most iconic streets here like:

• The Grove
• Cholmeley Crescent
• Fitzroy Park
• Southwood Lawn Road

Take the Parkland Walk to Finsbury Park

Londoners love to walk and hence in the heart of the city you will fid some breath-taking walking tours that make your walk truly beautiful. One of the most popular walking tours is the Parkland Walk. Located minutes away from the Finsbury Park station, it’s easy to access for all. This walking route is a part of the nature reserve and is therefore one of the most stunning ones in and around London. A great place for trekkers and hikers, this place is easily accessible from the London City Suites by Montcalm.