Discover London’s best in Vauxhall, Lambeth and Waterloo


London is famous for its regular populars in the more central part of the city, but if you are looking for something different and offbeat, all you have to do is follow this blog. Here we have compiled some places, streets, attractions and venues that are usually missed or overlooked.

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If you have booked yourself a convenient stay in the bove luxurious suites in London and are looking for something fun and offbeat to do, here’s a list of places for you to explore:

1. The Graffiti Tunnel at Leake Street

Graffiti Tunnel


If you are a lover of art or not, the quirkiness and magnificence of street art, appeals to one and all. Many parts of London have graffiti displayed here and there, but nothing beats the beauty of the Graffiti Tunnel at Leake Street. This was painted by the great Banksy during the Cans Festival of the year 2008. This tunnel is not used anymore so painting the walls here is not illegal and open to all artists who wish to display their art. Many popular talents keep changing the graffities here very regularly. Not many people are aware of this hidden gem and that makes this place easily explorable unlike the other popular and busy attractions of London. The closest station to this place is the Waterloo Station.

2. Old Paradise Yard

Another blockbuster place for art lovers, and a great spot to take amazing pictures, this unique gallery is a must-do for those looking to venture out on off-beaten paths. The gallery is set-up in a tiny art garden in the plush area of South London. It simply attracts you with 3 key points- eat, art and work. This gem is hidden just behind St. Thomas Hospital and the banks of River Thames. This place has an amazing history where it was once a school for the Lower Marsh Trader’s children before it became a Tibetan Buddhist Centre and now an art gallery. You can chill at the fun cafe here or attend the evening events that regularly take place here. The closest tube station to this gallery is Lambeth North.

3. Vauxhall City Farm

Vauxhall City Farm

The most appealing and unique thing about this one is the fact that it is a functioning farm in the heart of the city. For animal lovers and those who fancy a taste of countryside farm without leaving London city- this is the place for you. A farming experience is enriching for all and is especially great for kids if you are travelling with them. This farm is free to visit for all and has poultry, sheep, cows, rabbits and other farm animals you will love seeing around. To visit this hidden treasure you need to get to the Vauxhall station, which is very close to your hotel.

4. Blake’s Lambeth

These four tunnels are a great place to marvel the talent of artists and painters who can make London’s dingiest and ignored space, lively and colourful again. The 70 stunning mosaics here were created by over 300 volunteers over a period of seven years. To get to this beauty, the closest station to get down at is Lambeth North.

5. The Ragged Canteen at Beaconsfield Gallery

Hidden in the Lambeth Ragged School building, this is a great place to feast for vegans, vegetarians and people who prefer gluten-free food. Offering free Wi-Fi with delicious food, you can get here from both Lambeth North and Vauxhall station.