Discover London’s secret sights


London offers more then you expect
London is a city that’s full of delights. But most of them are known by most. Attractions such as the London Eye, the Towers of London, the Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and the free museums… most of us know all about them, even if we’ve never been to the capital. In this post, we’ll explore some of the more nuanced, and often overlooked spots in the city. If you’ve visited London before, and want to skip the mainstream tourist attractions, then this article is for you. If you’re visiting the capital for the first time, you’ll still get value from this post; after all, who doesn’t want an extra scoop of rarity and novelty during their holiday?

The three secret sights
With the city being so big, it’s no surprise that you’ll find a few oddities if you look hard enough. In this post we’ll take at some of the niche features of London, and the more elaborate spots that are worth taking the time to explore. After you’ve visited places such as The Shard, the London Eye and The British Museum: A comprehensive guide, it’s time to discover the little extras that make London special.

Secret Gardens in London

Avoid the frantic tourists and visit the Esoterick Collection of Modern Italian Art. It’s found in Islington, and boasts a range of Italian art from the period between 1890 and 1950. What makes it distinctive is its focus on modernity. And if you’re looking for a nature retreat, instead of only visiting the Royal parks, we recommend St Mary’s secret Gardens. Found in the surprising location of Hackney, it’s a treasure trove of nature; filled with natural woodland, and a beautiful herb garden.

Other than that, why not take a trip to the Secret Cinema. Before going to watch a movie, we often research what the movies are about, what the critics say, and what the overcall consensus is on the quality of movie. Why not change it up for once, and surprise yourself by going into a movie with zero expectations. That’s what the Secret Cinema promises – even the locations are unusually surprising!

London city tour packages often only include the conventional attractions, so you’ll have to do the planning and research when it comes to visiting these unique places. But that freedom of choice is what we love about London. The city is so huge that tour package operators can’t possibly, realistically pack in everything that’s extraordinary about this city. For that reason, we recommend you stay in London for a longer duration, rather than shorter term trip.

In summary, there are abundant niche destinations in London worth visiting. Perhaps you weren’t aware of this fact before… Either way, after you’ve traversed some of the more common attractions and areas in the capital, you’ll want to pull the curtains beneath you – and discover the hidden side of London. By visiting any of the number of sights we’ve looked at, you can do that. And once you return home from the capital, you’ll feel like you’ve taken full advantage of your holiday. Plus, you’ll have a new appreciation for the subtler side to the city, which many overlook.