Where to Find the Best Pizza in London


London’s long list of cuisines means that there’s something new and delicious on almost every street in the city. From Ethiopian in Camberwell to Moroccan dining in Dalston, the city is full to the brim with unique cuisines to try. London is simply put, a foodies heaven…

Sometimes though, there’s nothing quite like a night out with some comfort food, and pizza is perfect for that. With a robust Italian culture in London, the broad variety of restaurants that specialise in pizza reaches far beyond your average takeaway. With many species of pizza to play for, you can expect lovingly crafted and regional dishes that will change the way you think about bread cheese and tomato. With a pizza topping for every mood, here are the best pizza joints in London.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

Close by to some of the best meeting rooms in the City of LondonL’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is one of the best pizza joints in West London and promises a more refined restaurant than your average pizza joint. This makes it perfect for after-work food and lunch meetings, and with the original branch being all the way out in rustic Naples, these thick based works of art will really hit the spot for the more gourmet pizza lovers among us.


Santore is a Clerkenwell based pizza restaurant that specialises in sharing platters. By platter, we don’t mean small bites but metre long spectacles that really require more than one person to finish off. Keep your appetite warmed up, because it’s easy to bite off more than you can chew at this North London restaurant. Santore is also famous for its Pizza sandwich, which acts a little like a Calzone in that it’s made with double the dough but the same pizza toppings.

Franco Manca

This classic pizza chain is easily located on many of the high streets of the city. With its focus on family-friendly menus, this is a great place to come for a quick bite to eat in a friendly and relaxed environment. With sourdough bases and a plethora of branches, the original Brixton branch is still top of the Franco Manca list.


With crisp and delicate pizza bases, Lardo in Hackney Central offers charcuterie meats raised in English farms, making it a unique hybrid of Italian and British cuisine. With its swanky interior, Lardo is a surefire hit for romantic nights out and fun with friends and is easily reachable from the London City Suite by Montcalm Chiswell Street.


Dotted around London, Homeslice gives its customers a more experimental pizza experience. With toppings ranging from goat shoulder to ricotta and pumpkin seeds, this is one for the more adventurous pizza lovers.

Yard Sale Pizza

This East London staple has branches in Walthamstow, Hackney, Finsbury and Clapton, and promises a varying range of toppings that include fried courgettes and nduja sausage. With its delivery, takeaway and eat-in restaurant options, this is a flexible and informal pizza restaurant for the North and East London based Italian lover.

Hai Cenato

Bianco Pizzas are the speciality at this Milton Square-based restaurant. With tomato-free toppings, the pizzas are given space for exploration, meaning more cheeses and creative combinations that don’t need to suit a tomato flavour. Created by TV chef whizz Jason Atherton, these sourdough creations are made with complete all-round care.

Voodoo Rays

This East London pizza restaurant in Dalston is a late-night stop koff for clubbers and party-goers, giving a range of quick but tasty options all from above Karaoke Hole, one of the most popular karaoke bars in Dalston. With neon-lit New York inspired interiors, this is a must for the more American party pizza.


Originally based in the glitzy Soho House, Cecconis expanded to another Soho venue that also hosts DJ’s and club nights, and makes for a raucous pizza bar with style to match its toppings.

‘O Ver

If you think the reign of pizza is over, then you haven’t tried ’O Ver, one of the best restaurants in the city for authentic Naples street stall inspired dishes. With busy evenings, you might have to book ahead for this one but it’s well worth the wait for the true Neapolitan pizzas on offer.


First opened in Copenhagen, Mother has become one of the best examples of Northern European pizza on the planet, Based in the up and coming Battersea area, Mother has a suitably sleek interior within its railway arches location and can fill up very quickly indeed.


Based in the Stoke Newington area of East London, Apollo has become one of the truest to its origins restaurants in London. With flash cooked pizza bases and a kitchen full of Neapolitan wood ovens, you can expect minimalist but punchy toppings and a runny tomato sauce that gives this restaurant unprecedented texture.

Figli del Vesuvio

Meaning brother of Vesuvius, this restaurant really lays it on hot. Figli de Vesuvio was created by a group of restauranteurs from Naples who decided to bring their love for home cooking to the streets of Southwest London. Based in Earlsfield and utilising traditional friarelli prepared green veg and artichokes, this a wholesome restaurant joint that, when you sit by the oven, lets you see your food prepared in front of you.

Made of Dough

What first started as a street food stall in Southeast London has quickly become a staple of Peckham. This marble bar-restaurant in the heart of Peckham uses locally sourced ingredients and also offers a range of smaller branches across Brixton, the west end and Fulham.

Sodo Pizza Cafe

The Sodo Pizza Cafe is a sourdough focused and informal pizza restaurant in Clapton that also brings a gluten-free menu to the table that’s fashioned from butterbeans. With something for all tastes, you can find Sodo Pizza in many East London locations, including Bethnal Green, Walthamstow and Hoxton.

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