What You Need For Your London Winter Survival Kit


The UK is unique to most of Western Europe in that it is probably one of the coldest parts of this specific continent segment. This paired with the fact that the weather is often erratic does not stop visitors from coming to our shores, especially to visit the UK capital. The UK capital is known for having a large tourist base and is popular with people from all over the world. Whether you’re staying at Barbican hotel rooms or hostels in Finsbury, the weather will be the same. There may be showers, there may be sharp shots of sunshine and as the winter draws closer, a thick canvas of cold will spread across the city. With home and hotel heating being no match for the icy bone chill on the London streets, it might be easy to come unprepared on your visit to the city. Below are some of our tips to braving the quickly plummeting temperatures in the city.

Bring your thickest coat

London in the heady heights of winter can creep into the minuses. This means that you’ll want to keep a warm coat nearby to wrap up. As we all know, Londoners are known for their practical yet on point fashion sense. With this in mind, go with your parkas, puffer jackets and gilets if you want to blend in with the fashionistas. Of course, practicality and comfort come before fashion sense, so always make sure you go with the thickest coat you have.

But be prepared to strip your layers

Thick coats are all well and good for when you’re spending time outside, but if you’re only braving the elements for short periods of time, you’ll find that once inside, you’ll quickly strip your layers off. A thick knit or cable jumper or shirt over a vest will be enough under your coat to keep you warm outside and will give you a great look once you’re sheltered from the seasons.

A thermos goes a long way

Londoners are known for their get-up and go pep. If visiting hotels like the Montcalm at the Brewery London City on business, you might find that you’re short on time. A sturdy thermos for your tea and coffee can keep you energised during the commute whilst also keeping you warm when braving the cold.

Sturdy shoes for traversing on foot

London can get very icy and wet when the rainy season comes along. This means that you’ll probably want to pack some waterproof shoes which remain suitable for your city affairs. A sturdy pair of Doc Martens or smart casual boots will usually do the trick, whilst avoiding white canvas style trainers will come in handy when faced with the street side sludge and underground commuter soot.

Touchscreen sensitive gloves

We’re all locked into our smart phones these days, so instead of sacrificing your fingers to scroll through your socials, why not invest in some touchscreen sensitive gloves, keeping you warm and adaptable in equal measure.