Why London Is A Honeymoon Hotspot


Many people would consider somewhere remote and exotic for their romantic getaway, a house in the country, a tropical beach or a dramatic, windswept wilderness. Often overlooked are the city getaways, swapping the countryside for the big city lights. London is especially skilled in garnering excitement and wonder from its visitors. With so much to explore, a plethora of romantic sights and amazing hotel suites, London is the perfect adventure for a couple, whether honeymooning or not. With London honeymoon suites abound, there’s plenty to make the romantic most of if visiting London as a couple.

Iconic views worthy of the silver screen

London is a cityscape you won’t forget any time soon. What better memory to have of your honeymoon than the glittering horizon of central London? With many locations promising beautiful views of the city alongside picnics, restaurants and entertainment venues, you’ll never be short of that picture-perfect couple’s photo. Whether it’s dining at Hutong, the Chinese restaurant on the 33rd floor of the Shard or a picnic on Primrose Hill in Regents Park, great views of the city are never far away. Even a trip on the London Eye, however touristy, can be rather romantic, especially with the Champagne Experience package.

Hotel suites to keep you sweet

What’s a honeymoon without a suite? Hotels such as the Montcalm with London City Suites offer London Honeymoon packages in the heart of the city. Whether it’s luxurious amenities for your spacious rooms or the city centre proximity you’re after, your honeymoon suite will be tailor made to suit your needs as a couple. With breakfasts included and room service on tap, your perfect honeymoon suite could mean you never have to leave your bed!

London enclaves to discover together

One of the best reasons to visit the city as a couple is that you get to discover it together. In a city which spans over a 1,500 km squared, there are plenty of hidden nooks and crannies for you as a couple to explore. It could be those hidden cafes of Little Venice, or the deep depths of Epping Forest, but those inner-city lanes, untrod by the average tourist will reap plenty of rewards for the adventurous honeymooner. Think boutique London shops and off the beaten track café eateries, and you’ll discover another side of the city reserved for just you and your loved one.

London dining to keep your heart full

There’s plenty of fine dining experiences in London. Michelin stars outnumber the ones in the sky whilst afternoon tea at hotels such as the Montcalm will bring you a truly British experience in a relaxed yet classy setting. Montcalm hotel restaurants include the Chiswell Street dining rooms and the stunning Aviary, rooftop and terrace bar in Finsbury Square.

Adventure to keep your heart beating

When it comes to the crunch, London offers couples both new and old a city of electric energy and luxurious romance. With hundreds of years of history to it, this is no surprise, and the rich layers of the city will definitely leave you with experiences you’ll cherish together forever.