Best Luggage for Business Travellers


If you’re a frequent business traveller, then you know that efficiency, practicality and style are all important considerations to keep in mind, when it comes to packing your luggage. After all, if you have a busy schedule of meetings and other activities planned, the last thing you want to worry about is oversized luggage, crumpled up clothing, or some essential item lost during transit as your baggage disappears.

London sees thousands of travellers visit everyday, including a large proportion of them coming for business. As a busy city with important global trade connections, making the right impression when you’re in London can make a huge impact on your career, so naturally, you’ll want to make sure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

With 5 Star Accommodation London City, you can find some fantastic accommodation options to stay in during your trip to London, to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. To help you choose the best options for your luggage, read on for some useful points to keep in mind.

Pack as light as possible

While the Montcalm Hotel Barbican is easy to get to from most major transport connections around London, the last thing you want to do when you get off a flight or train is struggle with a lot of oversize luggage, or spend unnecessary time waiting for your items to show up on the luggage carousel.

If possible, aim to pack as light as possible, keeping all your practical essentials well organised within your luggage, as well as any technology you may need. A well-made hard case suitcase that is sized for most air carrier cabins is a great investment, as the tough exterior will prevent items within from getting squashed or damaged, and can last you through a busy travel schedule. Look for one with 360-degree wheels for ease of movement, and a telescopic handle to adjust to your height. Pair this with a light but sturdy laptop bag or backpack, to keep your laptop, other devices, travel documents and a spare book secure and safe.

Organise your contents well

You’ll often be able to enjoy some useful laundry and housekeeping services when staying with 5 Star Accommodation London City. But when it comes to packing within, it’s vital to keep your suitcase organised and tidy, and it is worthwhile spending a few minutes extra before your trip, to pack as well as you can. Avoid throwing in any unnecessary items, and learn to fold or roll up clothing well, to avoid creases and extra bulk inside. Make sure you have a separate shoe bag to keep footwear in, to avoid getting clothing dirty.

And to keep your clothing wrinkle-free, here’s a pro tip from some of the world’s top CEOs. Use tissue paper or empty dry-cleaner bags to wrap important pieces, such as the impressive shirt you’re planning to wear to a meeting the next day.

You might also want to opt for luggage which comes with in-built compartments to help you organise your items more easily. Suitcases with separate zipped compartments can help make it faster and simpler to pack different types of clothing, shoes, bathroom items and other pieces, while laptop bags that are specially designed to carry specific items will often have featured sections to store a tablet, mobile phone and charger easily and safely. Be sure to pack in a reusable water bottle too, to help you stay hydrated while you’re on the move.

Invest in quality travel luggage

When you’re travelling for business, you might often find yourself heading straight to a client or meeting before you manage to check in to your hotel, so naturally, it’s important to make a good impression.

This means that the luggage you use, and how you travel, really does matter. While you might have a favourite practical piece of luggage or backpack that you love to use on all your personal holidays, when it comes to business travel, make sure that you something that looks smart and professional. Luggage brands such as Samsonite or Antler are renowned for making long-lasting and attractive suitcases, messenger bags and other items that serve as great investment pieces, especially if you are a frequent flyer.

If you love to have a stylish handbag with you when you travel, but can’t fit it in with your laptop case or carry on, then try taking a large cloth tote bag instead, which can accommodate both your handbag and laptop while you’re on the move, and can be put away easily once you arrive.

Before you make your way to your meeting, take a few minutes to freshen up, even if you can’t check in to your 5 Star Accommodation London City until later in the day. A change of clothes and some essential toiletries can help you feel fresh and alert, especially after a long day of travelling.

Keep some extra outfits for downtime

While you might in the city for work, with great value city Break London Packages, you might also be tempted to stay a little longer or join a friend for some social fun after your business responsibilities are out of the way. It’s a good idea to pack one or two extra outfits for an enjoyable night out or a fun and relaxing activity in the city.

With a great range of restaurants and bars across the capital, it’s hard to resist a delicious meal in one of the city’s best dining spots, or some tempting cocktails in a fabulous rooftop bar with a view. And with heaps of culture around the city, it’s worth taking a little time for yourself to enjoy some of the wonderful art, history and inspiring heritage around London, during your free time.

Lastly, it’s worth packing something comfortable to travel in, both on your way in, and during your return. There’s nothing quite as soothing as having your favourite nightwear or a travel cushion to help you get a restful sleep.