Office Party Prep and Etiquette


Whilst Christmas might still be a few months away, it might be time to start planning now. After a year of hard work, you and your company deserve a treat and well-earned knees up. With office morale high during the festive season, it’s a better time than ever to enjoy each others company and to further the bond you share with your colleagues.

This will mean a lot of preparation. No one wants to be in their office for the Christmas party, so finding the right venue with a space full of personality, class and style is important. Venues that host you and your colleagues should project the same values as your company and cater to a wide variety of needs. It’s no easy task to find a venue during the Christmas period, many of the best will be booked up very quickly. That’s why we’re posting this blog now.

At the Barbican Rooms Hotel, you’ll find a broad variety of meeting spaces and events venues, all catering to a plethora of party sizes. With its versatility and Central East London location, there’s no venue like those at the London City Suites for a perfect Christmas party.

christmas party
It’s all well and good talking the talk about the Barbican Rooms, but when it comes to the walk, what are the vital factors you should look for in an office Christmas party venue?


When organising your festive party, the first aspect to keep in mind is in the versatility of entertainment you provide. Whether that’s karaoke, a live performance or a DJ, perhaps even a mixture of all three, there are countless ways to keep your party lively and fun. Festive party games are also a great way to bond with your team and enjoy each other’s company, even if in the office you don’t!

Find an easy to reach venue

Whilst we’ll all have our plans mapped out on the daily commute, a centrally located venue will be easiest to reach for guests travelling from their homes. At our Barbican meeting rooms city of London, there are a variety of transport routes, ranging from overground, underground and national rail services.

Alternatively, consider hiring a venue near your office. This will make it easy for all guests to travel, and if you’re heading straight from work, makes the journey even simpler.

Professional events staff

The venue may be all well and good, but great service and amicable staff serving at your event are the least you deserve for all your employee’s hard work over the year. Most venues come with their own staff, or hire them out on an ad hoc basis. Take a trip to or talk to the manager at the venue before booking and make sure it has everything you require for a great seasonal send-off.

Flexible catering

We all have different dietary requirements. Whether it be for ethical, religious or health reasons, making sure all of your employees can eat and drink worry-free will make sure you’re hosting a truly inclusive party. Most restaurants London City are fully equipped to serve party platters that keep everyone satisfied.

A holiday party, not a Christmas party

Not everyone who works for you will necessarily celebrate Christmas. Fashion your Christmas party to be more of an end of year party, a festive treat for employees. This will mean that no one is left out from the celebrations, and will encourage inclusivity and diversity. Whatever your religion or values, everyone enjoys a good party.

How to enjoy an office festive party

Whilst an end of year party is just that, an end of year celebration, there’s still a level of decorum that has to be maintained Remember, you’ll be working with these people every weekday afterwards, and making sure that you can all see eye to eye next week in the office will stop any potential tensions from mounting.

Dress appropriately

It’s a party, so dress festively, but make sure you’re not wearing anything that could cause offence to your colleagues. All offices are different but think smart casual with a fun and festive spin to it. Whether you’re dressing to impress or keeping it subtle, always remember to abide by a slightly relaxed but still in line dress code.

Enjoy yourself in moderation

Again, no one wants to be “too informal” at a work party. Of course, have a drink and have fun but make sure that you never overstep your boundaries or drink too much. Your bosses will remember any unprofessional behaviour or indiscretions. As you should always do, remember to drink responsibly.

Be humble

You may have had a good year in the office, better than others even. Always remember to maintain civility and humility. Nobody likes a bragger, and this is a party and a chance to get to know each other outside of the office so talking shop should be kept to a minimum.

Thank the organisers

Organising any party is no mean feat. With the work, money and effort that goes into making it successful, make sure you have the courtesy to thank the organisers. Whether it’s your boss, the head of human resources or a colleague, showing your gratitude is a small token you can give, and rest assured it will always be valued.

Don’t be a wallflower

Perhaps your shy in the office or your job means you don’t get to meet many of your associates. A seasonal party is a great time to meet new co-workers and show the ones you already know, a new side of your personality. Office parties are always a good time to really bond with people, and you can be sure that they’ll remember you next week, hangover dependent!

Arrive and leave at appropriate times

If you’re dragging your feet to the occasion, don’t make it obvious. Arrive around the time the festivities will start, but make sure you don’t overstay your welcome. This is especially important if your venue has strict policies on closing times.