London can be a new adventure every day of your visit. Whether you’re looking for great dining experiences such as the Chiswell Street dining rooms or for a monumental London tourist attraction, you’ll never be disappointed. That’s what’s great about the UK capital, you’ll never be devoid of ideas if you know where to look. That’s why we’ve compiled a few of our favourite all round crowd pleasers so that you can pick and choose whilst visiting the city.

Shrek’s Adventure

Based on South Bank overlooking the River Thames, Shrek’s Adventure is a family orientated interactive experience based on the Dreamworks fairytale rework character. Voiced by Eddie Murphy, join Donkey as he goes on a quest to find out what has happened to Shrek. You’ll meet some familiar faces along the way, including Rumpelstiltskin and the Ginger Bread Man as you help Donkey on his quest of discovery. What’s more, the adventure is suitable for all ages, the jokes and hijinks along the way will have everybody laughing.



One of the most historic parts of London, there’s always something to do in Whitechapel. Whether you’re looking for City London Restaurants or an historic tour, Whitechapel has it all. The area lies close to the London Docklands, Whitechapel is most famous for the Whitechapel Murders in the Victorian era, involving the notorious Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper tours take place regularly in Whitechapel and involve live actors and real-life evidence from the Victorian cases themselves.

Underground Supper Club

The not to miss dining experience, the Underground supper club has you experience gourmet meals whilst inside a tube carriage. The four-course tasting menu is designed by head chef Alex Cooper, a Le Cordon Bleu Chef school graduate with his CV boasting stints at Sketch on Conduit Street and Rufflets Hotel in Scotland. You can enjoy a range of meals including a unique range of Scandinavian flavours.

Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema was launched in 2007 and incorporates immersive cinema experiences with grassroots screenings. Venues vary with every screening, jumping from abandoned buildings in London to breath taking famous landmarks. This is not only a London experience, the screenings taking place worldwide. What’s more, the spaces and themes are curated to reflect the films they’re showing and create participatory worlds where art, theatre, film and music meet in experiences which will no doubt blow your mind. These events are not only for watching the best in film, but are social spaces where people can celebrate their favourite films in an immersive and fun way.

Alice’s Adventure Underground

Based in the atmospheric Waterloo Vaults under Waterloo train station, Alice’s Adventures Underground is an Olivier Award Winning immersive theatre experience. With a range of choices open to the audience members and will have you meet many of the whimsical characters from the Alice in Wonderland world. Whether you choose to eat with the Mad Hatter or join the rebellion against the Queen of Hearts, you’ll be sure to experience a unique show time and time again, making this one of the most returnable shows in London.