As one of the most iconic rivers in the country, the Thames promises London visitors more than enough in the way of entertainment.

From the buzz of the South Bank to the tranquility of West Chiswick, the Thames acts as the definitive spine of London. After all, the city was built around this river by the Romans two millennia ago, so it’s certainly had enough time to develop its own personality.

Whether it’s your first or one-hundredth stay at the Barbican Rooms London, there will undoubtedly be a new current to wash you away on the banks of this magnificent river.

O2 Arena

O2 Arena

The O2 Arena, or as it was once known, the Millennium Dome, is a large entertainment venue overlooking the London Docklands and Greenwich area of the city.

Hosting many high-profile and internationally renowned music and entertainment artists throughout the year, alongside a multitude of conventions and conferences, the O2 Arena is a true crown jewel on the riverside.

Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark

Another reason to visit the river in Greenwich, the Cutty Sark is a tea clipper sailing ship preserved on the banks of the River Thames. Dating back to the 1860s, the Cutty Sark offers tours of its deck and an adjoining museum by the day and by night, is lit up to give off a dazzling shimmer.

The ship has become a staple of the London riverscape and even has its own scotch whiskey named after it, due to its being built on the River Clyde in Scotland.

London Eye

A staple of the centrally-based South Bank, the London Eye is the perfect riverside attraction to get your bearings in the city.


If it’s your first time in London, a half hour ride on this 36-capsule Ferris wheel will give you miles-worth of sightseeing, all in one panoramic view. The London Eye reaches 135 metres into the air, giving you a spectacular view of the Thames and the outer reaches of London.

Shrek’s Adventure

Another family-friendly South Bank staple, the Shrek’s Adventure tour is based right next to the London Eye and gives you and your family a rip-roaring interactive tour of Happily Ever After and its inhabitants.

A perfect solution to a rainy day near the river, Shrek’s Adventure has you join Donkey on a quest to find the missing Shrek, leading to hilarious encounters with many familiar faces from the franchise. Whatever your age, all Shrek lovers will have a blast on this multi-sensory adventure ride.

The Golden Hinde

The Golden Hinde

Another riverside relic from the UK’s naval past, this replica of the Elizabethan ship gives you the chance to join sailors and privateers as they whisk you away on an adventure through the 16th-century ship’s globetrotting history.

The Mayflower Pub

If you’re at a loss in Rotherhithe, this Thames-side traditional pub is one of the best in the city for a refreshing ale.

Pub in london

Get a taste of true British culture alongside a wonderful view of the eastern river from the terrace of this traditionally furnished and incredibly cosy pub.

The Globe Theatre

For some of the most English entertainment on the banks of the river, the historic Globe Theatre stages the works of Shakespeare and his contemporaries.

Shakespeares Globe Theatre

For budding thespians and curious tourists, the Globe Theatre offers a theatre experience like no other, adhering to the stripped back and rowdy theatre of Shakespeare’s Kings Players Theatre Company. With modern twists to the proceedings and a collection of contemporary plays being performed every year, the Globe Theatre is the perfect way to sample some true British culture on the Bankside.