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If you’re first time visitor and staying in one of the Best Hotels in London, you may find that the comfort of the hotel disarms you to the fast paced streets outside. With so many new tourists among the 31 million coming to London each year, you can be sure that you’ll find a few surprises in the city that are unique to the British capital. You may be flying or travelling from other major cities such as New York or Beijing but like those massive cities, London has its own personal character and attributes that may alarm and delight you in equal measure. Never fear though, staff at the London City Suites by Montcalm Chiswell are always happy to help answer any questions for you.

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Rush hour is crush hour

Have you tried travelling on the Underground? Usually very simple right, zipping across London in a matter of minutes. The problem is when it gets to rush hour, everything changes. The prices go up and the delays begin. This is because at rush hour everyone is either on their way to work or leaving it, meaning that certain stations become jam packed with people, leading to claustrophobic carriages and very long waits. The same goes with the bus services; once rush hour hits the buses will take about double the time to reach your destination. If you can avoid it, when visiting London try not to take the Underground to both save money and save time and sanity.

There’s a lot of it

The reason London has such an expansive tube system is that it spans around 1500 square kilometres. Stretching over six zones and countless boroughs, London can almost be seen as a gaggle of interconnected towns and villages, all with their own character and draws. Take Islington for instance, with its grand pubs and beautiful town houses and compare that with Hackney not far away, with its run down trendiness and art studio’s drawing a younger creative crowd. The university areas such as Peckham and Camberwell differ greatly to Highgate in the North. One thing is for certain; even if you’re a hardened London tourist who feels they know the city like the back of your hand, or even if you’re someone who has lived here all your life, you will still find that there are nooks and crannies of the city that have slipped through your fingers. The beauty is in the fact that there’s so much to explore.

Natural History Museum

There’s a lot of museums

As a tourist, you’ll be spending a lot of time in the museums of London. The fact that there is such a long spanning history to the city, dating back to the Roman era means that you’ll find a wide range of museums focussing on a wide range of topics. Many of the wealthy and eccentric residents of the city, including Frederick Horniman amassed great collections of artefacts from across the world that they left to the citizens of the city to further the education of certain subjects. This is the same as the Universities of London. All with their own focuses, they have come to create their own museums and galleries, such as the UCL museum of Zoology and the many galleries and theatres of the art and performing art schools.

There are lots of different people

Whilst the arts and historical world of London is diverse, the ethnicities and cultures are even more so. With so many people coming to London over the years due to the promise of work, the city has become a melting pot of cultures, connecting together and creating new ways of looking at life.

London People