Whitecross Street Market


Whitecross Street Market is located in the Whitecross area of East London and more specifically on Whitecross Street. This is the street which spans the majority of the area between the Barbican and Old Street, a prime location to catch city workers and commuters on their way to and from work. The amount of stalls is second to none and this unique market contributes greatly to London’s stellar reputation for diverse street markets. What’s more, the London City Suites Montcalm Brewery is located in close proximity, so if you’re a guest looking for some souvenirs to bring home or merely fancy a bite to eat outside of the hotel, then take the short walk through one of London’s most prominent business districts. London has a great reputation for a diverse range of foods, and Whitecross Market is no different, offering you a range of healthy, wholesome and wide ranging foodstuffs which cater to every taste.

London Street market

Buddha Bowl

Buddha Bowl is a vegetarian street food stall which focuses on delicious curries and vegetable based dishes. The dishes all come with optional haloumi and at great value prices. Their dishes include Massaman Curry with potato, pineapple and soya chunks. On top of this they also sell optional kimchee pickle sides, steamed garden greens and a wholesome sprinkling of omega seeds.

Bubble Wrap

Inspired by Korean Bibimbap, Bubble wrap create comforting Korean street food alongside their signature bubble tea. With a range of meaty and veggie options including Bulgogi Beef Steak and a Kimchi and Avocado wrap, you can even find a special vegan kimchi option alongside the tapioca bubble teas.

Cheese Louise

With a range of cheesy options on display, this aptly named street vendor sells an amazing range of cheeses and cheese toasties. For the best in comforting and warming toasties, Cheese Louise are second to none.

Luardos Burritos

Just one of several London based sites, Luardos Burritos are a burrito company making waves across the city and who originated at their Whitecross street site. With a diverse range of foods on sale, Luardos Burritos make everything from scratch, including their hot sauces, continually adapting and bettering themselves to provide a flexible range and ever improving range of dishes.

Holmesbake Pies

Back to the comforting basics, Holmesbake Pies offer a filling, wholesome and above all, tasty range of pies. These come with mash potato for that real British feel, as well as BBQ ribs for the meat lovers among us. Pie flavors include Stilton Cheese, Welsh Lamb Hot Pot and roasted vegetable.

Brazil Flavour

Get a colourful taste of the Brazilian street food scene with a range of couscous, meat skewers and meaty beef stews.

The Iskele

The Iskele stall is affiliated with a near a restaurant of the same name in the Barbican area. The street food stall is known for its stellar take on Turkish Cuisine. This includes Special Turkish bread, grilled chicken and roasted vegetables. For any Turkish food lovers looking for a sit down meal, check out the restaurant and all of its unique décor in the Barbican area.