Visiting London in the Summer vs. Autumn: Pros and Cons


When you’re planning a trip, one of the first things you’ll do is Google ‘Best time visit…’. And it’s a good question to ask! You wouldn’t want to show up to a beach during the rainy season or sign-up for outdoor activities when it could very well snow.

Fortunately, in London, you don’t really have either extreme. Don’t get us wrong, it is cooler from September-March and warmer from April-August, but here in the city, you’re unlikely to see snow and you certainly shouldn’t expect to be bikini-clad on a beach during your visit.

Well, at least not a real beach. There are plenty of lidos and ponds to sprawl out around, though. But we digress!

The point is, there’s no bad time to visit London. But, there are no doubt pros and cons of visiting in the summer vs. the autumn, especially if there are certain things you’re keen to see and do.

If you’re not fussed about when you go and are just keen to get the best deal, skip this blog and instead check out London hotel packages.

For everyone else…keep reading!

Visiting London in the Summer

London locals eagerly await summer every year. But why? As we mentioned, the city isn’t particularly cold throughout the winter and spring, rarely dropping below 5 C. But still, by early-April, Brits are itching to retire their coats and pull their sandals out from the back of their wardrobes.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience a London summer and are debating whether or not to book a room at The Barbican Hotel between May and August, you’re in the luck. We’ve done your homework for you!

Pros of Visiting London in the Summer

Green Space

In addition to eight sprawling Royal Parks, London has hundreds (yes, hundreds) of smaller parks, meadows and green spaces that you can sprawl out in during the warmer summer months. On top of that, there are over a dozen lidos and outdoor swimming areas where you can splash around and sunbathe.

Top tip: Pack yourself a picnic to make a day of it!


If winter is the season to be jolly, summer is the season for pop-ups. You’ll find unexpected marquees around every corner, offering visitors everything from a citrusy cocktail to a seat to watch a big game. Or, in the case of summer 2019, a place to watch the Wimbledon Championships

Come back and visit our blog next spring for the latest information on up-and-coming pop-ups.

Packed Events Calendar

It’s not just pop-ups that come to the city. Concerts, exhibitions, festivals, protests, and much, much more fight for the attention of locals and tourists throughout the summer, meaning you’ll never be short of something to do.

The key to making the most of your time here, then, is to pick central accommodation like our hotel suites in London. By shacking up here, you’ll be perfectly placed to explore the parks and make your way to a few seasonal events.

Cons of Visiting London in the Summer

Higher prices

With kids out of school, summer is peak travel time. That means prices will be higher than average. This goes for flights, accommodation, and even some attractions that see a steady influx of visitors because of the season.

Of course, you don’t have to avoid the city altogether to get around these higher prices. Check out seasonal London hotel packages, tourist passes, and discount sites like Groupon to make the most of your holiday without breaking the bank.

More crowds

To avoid sounding like a broken record, we’ll make this one quick: tourists from the around the world choose the summer months to visit London, which means you won’t be the only person picnicking in the park or searching for accommodation in the city. To avoid rubbing shoulders with too many other people or fighting for a room at a hotel, plan ahead!

Secure a place to stay early and try to visit popular attractions off-peak.

Visiting London in the Autumn

Since Londoners love to moan about the weather even on the best days, it’s no surprise you hear a few more complaints as the seasons change from summer to autumn. But, even with the naysayers chirping, it’s hard to not welcome the transition with open arms. What’s not to love? Well, we’ll tell you…

But first, the good stuff.

Pros of Visiting London in the Autumn

Fall Foliage at its Finest

London is home to eight million trees. Not bad for a buzzing metropolis, eh?

While these trees are great to steal some shade from during the hotter summer months, they’re even better in the autumn when the leaves change to burning shades of yellow, orange and red. We like to avoid clichés, but they really do set the city on fire.

Cosy Pub Culture

Speaking of fire, London’s pubs warm up starting in October. To encourage people to come back inside after drinking pints on terraces and walkways all summer, you’ll see real wood fireplaces lit up, Sunday roasts being served, and seasonal cocktails being mixed on every corner in every borough of the city.

Hot toddy anyone?

Affordable Prices

Starting in September, you’ll start to see prices for flights and hotel suites in London start to drop. That means that crowds start to diminish too, giving you a bit more space to comfortably explore the city.

Cons of Visiting London in the Autumn

Cold and Wet Conditions

While the weather is far from bad, we have to point out that the conditions are more wet and cold than they are in the summertime. That’s obvious though, isn’t it? To ensure you’re comfortable throughout your visit, just make sure you pack the essentials: a coat, an umbrella, and waterproof shoes.

If you make sure those three things are packed in your suitcase before you leave, you’ll be set.

Pre-Christmas Mayhem

Tourism slows down once the kids go back to school, but that it starts to spike again in November. This can be attributed to a number of things, including Halloween, Bonfire Night, and other seasonal festivals. But, the biggest draw for tourists in November is no doubt the city’s Christmas lights, pop-ups, and shopping.

With all of this being said, there really is no bad time to visit us at The Barbican Hotel. Our doors are always open and London has something to offer visitors every month of the year. Book now!