The Various Benefits of Short Trips


When we think of travelling, it’s easy to default to dreaming about having exciting week-long trips to sunny destinations. But that fantasy creates is precisely what sets us up for lack of action – these ideas make it seem like it’s harder than it is to travel for some of us. After all, most of us have huge obligations to tend to back at home, and leaving for a holiday can often disorganize and derail certain facets of our lives.


So what if you replaced those romantic notions with something a little more idealistic? Perhaps a weekend trip to a European destination now and then or a five day trip to London maybe?  With the London City Suites by Montcalm Hotel, you can experience a sensational kind of stay that puts you in prime position to enjoy the fabulous attractions in the city. Being close to many of the top attractions, this accommodation (among others) makes it easy to explore London’s best attractions. Naturally, you’ll end up experience far more in less time.

The truth is, travelling doesn’t have to be this grand and spectacular series of days. It can be simple and fit into your current lifestyle. One of the drawbacks to travelling for extended periods of time (which often goes unmentioned) is that it then takes a while to get back into the swing of things. Back into the routine of enjoying life back at home; perhaps your healthy eating takes a hit, your gym schedule is off and you can’t enjoy the countless things you usually do in your home city.

One of the best ways to travel more isn’t to visit longer, but to travel more often. Consider taking at two to five-day trip every eight weeks. By the end of the year, you would have travelled for a total of thirty days – and because it was spread out regularly, you’ll enjoy the way these holiday immersions break up your routine.

One of the reasons why people love travelling so much is because it breaks the monotony and routine of their schedule, which after a while can start to feel repetitive. By planning various holidays, you break the likelihood of ever feeling like you’re in “stagnation.” Naturally, you’ll be more productive in your work and make the most out of your time when you’re not on holiday. In addition to that, changing your environment periodically can make you more creative, motivated, and curious.

When you’re in the same environment for too long, you can easily start to feel like you need a little more variety in your life. With a trip to London, you can be downright sure that you’ll get that variety in a high dosage. This multicultural city is emblematic of a true melting pot; demonstrated by the eclectic range of restaurants. From Indian, Chinese, to Italian, and Turkish – the city has it all.

Another benefit that travelling often that usually goes unmentioned, is having something to look forward. When you book a trip in advance, whenever you’re feeling stress or under pressure, you’ll always have something to look forward to. With flight packages becoming cheaper than ever, and flexibility options for work growing due to the gig and cloud-based economy, there’s never been a better time to travel than now.

And as we’ve mentioned, sometimes short and sweet is better than a long trip. Be sure to consider a hotel in the central area of the capital for extra convenience. Book your holiday in London season, and experience a sensational stay at one of the luxury hotels in the city.