A Trip to the London Fencing Club


One of the many fun ways to spend your summer holidays is to learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby. There are a lot of ways to occupy your time so why not pick one that is fun and rewarding, and also helps keep you in physically sharp (if you will pardon the pun).Fencing is an ancient and noble sport that is endless fun to learn and highly addictive once you get into it. So why not spend your summer holiday learning the old swash and buckle.

Swords and Courses

There is a wide range of courses in fencing available for beginners and more experienced practitioners. You will be taught by some of the best instructors in London for 10 weeks, enough time to start feeling pretty confident in your abilities. It is a superb way to stay fit as a fiddle, all while looking dashing and living out your childhood fantasies. If you have ever dreamed of yourself fighting off hordes of bad guys, or battling with or against pirates, or swinging off chandeliers; this is the training you need to fulfil that dream. It’s an excellent way to spend your summer so grab a foil and get going.

Fencing Club

Getting to and From the London Fencing Club

The London Fencing club is just off Old Street meaning it is within simple walking distance of a number of excellent rail connections. Old Street Railway Station and Old Street tube station offer a lot of options for travellers coming in from the North or South. The nearby Barbican tube Station also provides excellent tube links to most of the central and western London. Simply hop on the Circle or Hammersmith & City Lines and you will be able to get from Bayswater Hotels London to the London Fencing Club in no time at all. Extensive Bus routes in the area also offer a lot of useful connections to get to the club.

What to do in the Area

Once you have thoroughly tired yourself out clashing steel on steel, it is time take a well earned break and relax with a pint or pinot and a nice meal. Lucky for you Old Street and nearby Hoxton boast some of the best bars and stylish restaurants in London. There are classy joints where you can pick up a top quality meal or, if you feel you’ve earned it, you can head to one of the nearby cheap restaurants in London and indulge in a hearty, but affordable, meal.