Take a trip to the Medieval Banquet


If you’re visiting London soon, we’ve got a treat of an event worth recommending. The Medieval Banquet is an evening of dining and medieval entertainment held at St Katherine Docks – right by Tower Bridge. Singers, jugglers, and magicians entertain guests as food is served across a four course meal. It’s promoted as: a show like no other in London. And for good reason; it’s built upon a backdrop of history, paying homage to the story of the Knights of Portsoken and the legend of bravery it entails. The banquet can be found by the St Katharine Docks alongside the River Thames – which is just a two minute walk away from the Tower of London and Tower Bridge: Everything you need to know. It’s on between Wednesday and Sunday evenings and entry is open around half an hour before the banquet celebrations begin.


From the moment you walk in, you’ll be greeted by two long tables and once you’re clear on where you’ll be seated; you’ll be able to choose a costume. You’ll also get to see a Henry VIII lookalike, as he watches from his throne. A knight will serve the food for the table, and in short; this is a delightful affair that’s packed full of excitement and surprise. It somehow manages to pay history to the group of 13 knights from the 10th century while being merry and spectacular. At the end of the affair, you’ll get to see a fabulous demonstration of sword fighting from knights dressed in elaborate costumes.

It’s a great way to congregate with other groups other people, while celebrating the occasion with your own group. Whether you’re planning on visiting London for a business trip or for leisure – we implore you to take a trip to the Medieval Banquet. It uniquely blends a fabulous four course menu, with zesty celebrations.

The food offered at the event includes: vegetable soup, a platter of meat, pate and cheddar cheese with salad and prickled vegetables, and roasted chicken in a traditional medieval sauce. The menu also includes vegetarian offerings such as: a tomato and mozzarella tower, roasted butternut squash filled with vegetables and butterbean cassoulet topped with cheddar cheese. Plus, you’ll have ale and wine ready to be served to accompany your feast. To top it off, you can enjoy a delightful rich fruit pie served with fresh, succulent cream. Now, doesn’t that all sound lovely?

The medieval period was a trans-formative era in European history. With it came the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, and the Age of discovery. In a way, the Medieval Banquet is a place where visitors can embrace and celebrate the positive changes that ensued from the era. That explains the grand nature of the feast and celebrations taking place at the banquet. We all have that fleeting wish to one day eat a full course meal that’s simply grand. And many of us want to have new experiences. You can have both these things with the Medieval Banquet.

What makes the occasion special is that it’s unlike any other dining course in London. Banquets in their traditional form have become a thing of the past, and the Medieval Banquet brings it back in to its full essence.

In conclusion, the Medieval Banquet epitomises one of the more niche attractions in the capital. It’s in short, a cinematic theatrical dining experience packed with entertainment. Book your accommodation at the London city suites by Montcalm Chiswell Street, or any of the fine central hotels in the city to take advantage of it.