Revisiting the charming city of London


London is one of the liveliest and most vibrant cities in the world with plenty to see and do. Whether it is shopping, entertainment or exploring historical sites the city has it all. And that is the way most visitors remember London and the many captivating attractions they get to visit in the city.


If you have never travelled to London, it should feature prominently on your bucket-list for your next trip to Europe. The best spot to stay in the city is in Central London, at any of the hotels like the London City Suites by Montcalm Chiswell Street. The location is ideal as it offer guests convenient access to the many tourist hotspots to be found in the centre of the city.

An added benefit of staying at the hotel suites London are the great facilities and fine customer service, all of which are very affordably priced. In fact, most repeat visitors to London find it out of the most suitable spots to stay on a holiday. Every part of the city has its own individual character that makes them wonderful places to explore, and get the real experience of what London is all about. One of the coolest places to visit is Camden Market with its wonderful handicrafts, tattoo parlours, great ethnic food and colourful and eccentric folk.

While Leicester Square is probably out of the more touristy spots in the city, it is an engaging place nevertheless, with the bright lights, swanky stores and the street buskers all of which make it a very entertaining area to visit. Most budget shoppers to Leicester Square like to shop at Primark that is probably the biggest store in the area.  Shopping there seemed like a never ending experience with its vast swathes of shopping space and rows of shopping items. Spread across four floors of innumerable accessories, clothes and checkout lines with some of the most incredible deals to be had in the city.

Another great area worth a visit is Cheapside that is along the Thames River. Its name has a rather interesting origin, with ‘Cheap’ in medieval times referring to a market. By that same token Cheapside translates to Marketside, with the area serving as a marketplace for poultry and to buy and sell wives! While none of the earlier businesses thankfully are to be found here, it is nevertheless a lovely place to explore, as it is where some of the most prominent attractions are to be found. With incredible views, historical buildings and stunning architecture it is a not-to-be-missed locale in London.  The highlight of any visit to Cheapside is a tour of St. Paul’s that is above and beyond its iconic description. It is simply breathtaking and a visit to its dome and viewing gallery is definitely an unforgettable experience. Despite the tickets being steeply priced it is well worth the money spent to visit this one of the finest historical landmarks of the London.

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Wonderful public transport

While London is certainly massive, the areas where most of the prominent attractions are located are actually pretty close to each other. That makes it remarkably easy to navigate even for first time visitors to the city. And you never really need to leg it too much between the bus and tube stations, which is a blessing for those not to keen on walking about. An added plus for exploring the place on foot is that you get ample time to explore the many attractions at leisure, with no pressure of having to board the bus to get to your next stop in the itinerary. For those who are not too keen to walk the two plus miles to Leicester Square from the hotel, they can take the bus which will have them at the Square in a little over quarter of an hour.  From Leicester Square to Big Ben it is just a 15 minutes or so walk and from there on to Buckingham Palace a little less than a mile. It is an enjoyable stroll all along the route and well worth the trip. It also helps to cut corners on transportation costs considerably. When you plan to catch a bus take one of the iconic Routemaster buses that ply the streets in Central London.  Choose a seat preferably in the front row on the top deck and you will be rewarded with some of the most elegant views along the route.

Public Transport

Distinctive character

Every one of the city’s suburbs and districts has a personality of their own. Each of them is uniquely different and it is this eclectic mix that makes London such a fascinating city to spend a holiday in. If you do have the time, try to visit as many sections of central London as possible on your trip.

Incredible views:

That is what you probably expect when you visit the city right, and you will be justly rewarded for your efforts! With more than two thousand years of a varied and glorious history behind it, London has some of the most breathtaking sights and architecture you can possibly find in the world.  It is such a captivating city that you spend hours just wandering around admiring the beautiful building and fascinating scenery that is to be found all over the city. If you are an avid photographer, London is a treasure-trove just waiting to be photographed! E.g. the view of Westminster Abbey and Big Ben against the backdrop of a clear blue sky is just marvellous. And to see Piccadilly Circus all lit up and glowing in the twilight is a surreal experience!

London is a city at crossroads – where medieval beauty meets modernity, the perfect blend of the old and new. The people are polite and welcoming of visitors and London’s cosmopolitan ambience makes it one of the best destinations in Europe to holiday at.