Peace and Quiet in the Hustling, Bustling City


Being one of the major capital cities in the world, London is known for its hustling, bustling nature. It is a city that doesn’t sleep, just as the last party goer is heading home, the first worker is travelling to their place of employment and, around 6.30am, the thrum of rush hour begins. London has its own rhythm and pace that you can feel, once you’re in the city you instantly take up its pace because, if you don’t, you will get mowed down by the locals who sometimes forget what it’s like to slow down and take a few moments to see what is around them. It can be a bit too much for those who are simply tourists in this vast city and, unlike the locals, those who are just visiting are used to taking their time to stop and appreciate their surroundings. London has so much to offer so if you are a visitor to the city or are a local who wants to slow down and take in the scenery, this guide will help you to do that without getting trampled on by those who are marching to the London beat.


There are many famous museums around the city, such as the Natural History, Science and British Museums but they are known throughout the world and attract large crowds. If you’re looking to explore natural history but would rather a little bit of peace and quiet, the Hunterian Museum is perfect as it contains thousands of specimens including skeletons, brains, Isaac Newton’s death mask and disfigured fetuses which, although can be upsetting, led to major medical breakthroughs. If that isn’t the one for you, then the Horniman Museum is a little gem situated in Forest Hill and has an overstuffed walrus guarding its doors and has done for over a century. Not only does it display an impressive amount of natural history, but it also houses a significant amount of musical instruments and cultural artifacts.

British Museum

If you want a quiet yet stunning setting with an interesting back story, then the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich is the place to visit. The college is set in stunning grounds, near the London City Suites, and is a stone’s throw away from the Cutty Sark, a real national treasure. The college’s design comes from Sir Christopher Wren, known for his architectural genius which comes in the forms of St Paul’s Cathedral and The Monument in Pudding Lane, the interior is said the be breathtaking with intricately decorated ceilings. The museum gives you an insight into how the college was previously used for injured and elderly sailors and it also holds an impressive amount of Tudor artifacts from excavations at the old Greenwich Palace site.

Quiet Coffee Shops

It’s not very often that you will find a quiet, peaceful coffee shop in the heart of the city but, if you venture off the beaten track slightly, you will find some lovely hidden gems. Stanford Coffee Shop is not far from the hotel suites London and has an in depth history spanning over a century; it was even mentioned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in The Hound of Baskervilles. Today it is filled to the brim with travel guides and delicious teas, breads and cakes and if you have a laptop with you, you can access their free wifi. It is a great spot to take a breather and watch the hectic London crowds pass you by.