Where to Park near the London City Suites


Travelling through London with a car can be quite tricky. While the traffic itself is a big part of the problem, simply finding parking can be a nightmare of its own. Still, there are a lot of reasons why you may have a car while travelling in London and, if you do, you need to know where to store it whether you are travelling in by car from the country or the rest of Europe, or you are only stopping here as part of a longer road-trip. You don’t want to be delayed getting to your honeymoon suite London because you don’t know where to park your car. You needn’t worry though; there are a lot of good options nearby the London City Suites by Montcalm on Chiswell Street.

Barbican Centre

The Barbican Centre

If you are staying near Chiswell Street you will quickly find that the Barbican is your best friend. There’s good shopping, excellent cultural events like plays and concerts, and more relevantly there is also parking. It is a good spot with a lot of spots available, but the parking fees are not the best if you are staying for longer than a few hours. The rates for the weekend are very good though at only £8 per day making it an excellent choice if you are just staying for the weekend.

London Finsbury Square NCP

London Finsbury Square

Another excellent parking option is the very close Finsbury Square National Car Park. It is an excellent spot with good access both to the London City Suites and to London’s financial district. The car park is open 24 hours, but it is unfortunately a fair bit more expensive than the Barbican Centre. It does have the highly useful option to book a parking spot in advance; a great idea given how busy London’s streets are. The NCP is useful in other ways as they own parking spots all around London that you can book a space in; so you will be sorted even if you are staying at the Shaftesbury Metropolis Hyde Park London. There are quite a few other NCP car parks available in the area too if the Finsbury Square NCP is full.

Leonard Street Car Park

Leonard Street Car Park is unfortunately in very high demand without too many spaces, but it offers much cheaper rates than the other car parks in the area. You can book in advance which would definitely be advisable if you plan to mark here.

Ultimately if you are planning to stay within London you are better off not having a car with you. The car parks are very busy and very expensive, which is okay for a day or two, but not the best if you are staying longer. The best bet, if you plan to stay longer than a weekend, is to park a good way outside the city near a tube or train station and then just use public transport while within London.