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London’s Secret Rivers

London’s Secret Rivers

Rivers run through London’s long and storied history, the veins through which its life force has surged for millennia and made it into one...

Peace and Quiet in the Hustling, Bustling City

Being one of the major capital cities in the world, London is known for its hustling, bustling nature. It is a city that doesn’t...


Easter in london

Things to Do in London in April 2020

April brings Spring and Easter – which means flowers, chocolate and bunnies as the weather gets warmer and brighter. It is impossible to feel...
Tower Bridge London

Things to Do Near Tower Bridge

When you’re planning a day out on the town in London, it helps to pick one specific spot and concentrate your day’s activities in...


Getting To Know The Barbican

Amongst the many cultural institutions that have made their name in London, the Barbican stands proud as one of the most diverse, influential and...

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