Popping your London Cherry can be a daunting experience, especially when faced with so many choices of things to do. Whether you’re used to the big city or from somewhere a little quieter, London will always take your breath away due to its magnitude. Despite the initial overwhelming wave of worry, fear not, as the initial flooding of special offers and tourist attractions can be sifted through to find what works for you. If you’re staying at hotels near the brewery London then half of the work is done for you due to the close proximity of the hotels to many of London’s greatest attractions.

London Eye

The London Eye

One great way to start your first stay in London is by taking a trip on the iconic London Eye. This 32 capsuled and 135 metre tall Ferris wheel located on the South Bank gives visitors the chance to see over 25 miles of London in all directions. This makes it the perfect way to really get your bearings of the city, as the view will both orientate you and introduce you to the breath taking potential that London can offer you. What’s more, the London Eye only takes half an hour, due to this being the time for the wheel to make a full revolution, giving you more than enough time to appreciate the view and taking little more than an hour of your day up.

South Bank

Seeing as you’re already there, take a strolled down the South Bank and soak in the views of the river Thames. On top of this, there are plenty of great places to eat and drink along the South Bank as well as the arts culture of the South Bank Centre and British Film Institute. On top of this there are many terrace bars and food stalls from where you can watch life go by on the South Bank, soaking up the ambience of the city. If you don’t mind taking a walk then must-see London art galleries such as the Tate Modern are just a walk down the Thames away. One of the great things about central London is that once you’re in the centre, everything is walkable and even better, the walks take you past some of the best sites.


Take a stroll past the Prime Ministers house at number 10 Downing Street and see where the heart of the British Government lies. If you have time, take a tour of the houses of Parliament where you’ll be toured around by knowledgeable blue badge holders who hold an in depth insight into the running o the government. The tour takes you through the Roya Gallery, the Princes Chamber, Westminster Hall and many other sites. If your hunger for politics and a good view is ot yet satiated then take a trip up Big Ben for another stunning view of the river.

Buckingham Palace

From government to monarchy, walk through St James’s, the park which separates Westminster and the palace to get to the queens official residence. Through St James’s Park you’ll be able to see Duck Island, where a colony of Pelicans has made their home since the 17th century. At Buckingham Palace you’ll be able to pre-book tours and revel in the grandeur of the stunning historical building whilst also witnessing the changing of the guard between 10.15-11.45am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday’s between January and March.

The Barbican

The Barbican

If you’re staying in the Brewery Hotel London then you’ll be staying very close to this iconic piece of 70’s architecture. Not only is the building unique but the range of exhibitions, performances and lectures put on here are internationally acknowledged as some fo the best in the world.