Why you must visit the William Morris Gallery


Whether you’ve heard of William Morris or not, he’s left a legacy behind. The William Morris Gallery-found 15 minutes away from Walthamstow Underground stations, displays his life’s work for full view. He’s known as the country’s most versatile and celebrated designer. He was alsoa flourishing writer, an astute craftsman and devoted socialist. Within the gallery, you’ll find textiles, furniture, paintings, ceramics, and designs.

The introductory gallery will also answer questions regarding his popularity, and the different areas of his life. Plus, you’ll find a host of events on show at the gallery. Some of them include: Family Day: Catch the Sun and Summer Holiday Storytelling: The Canterbury Tales. But more importantly, discover what’s so special about his life’s work by taking a short tube journey from the Montcalm Suites London to Walthamstow.

William Morris lived between 1834 and 1896, devoting his life to creating unique works of art. His contribution was such that he helped revive the British Textile industry, and he was also responsible for starting the socialist movement in Britain.

If you’re looking to take full advantage of the capital; here are 4 tips for a smoother trip to London. The kind of works you can expect to see at the venue include; oils and water colours, photographs, textiles, sculpture and metalwork and a lot more. There are around 424 objects in the gallery. Meaning, you should be able to see everything the gallery displays. Compared to other famous galleries such as the National History Museum and the TATE Gallery, due to the modest size of the gallery – you’ll leave feeling like you got a full insight into William Morris’s life and how it’s impacted art.

The venue is open between 10AM and 5PM, Wednesday to Sunday and entry is free. Because of the free entry, you really have no excuse when it comes to taking a trip to the William Morris gallery during your trip. You’ll get a fabulous insight into of the most celebrated artists in the UK, while having an enjoyable day out too. Fascinatingly, the gallery is the Morris’s former family home, and that gives it a different atmosphere. And due to its small size, you’ll be able to explore everything it has to offer within the hour. It’s set within a lovely plush area, filled with fabulous gardens and lovely Café’s.

In summary, most museums and galleries in London often act as reference points for a different time in history. They also provide an insight into works of some of the most famous artists, sculptors, and painters. But it’s not often that you’ll find one gallery devoted to one man. The William Morris stands on its own in this regard, and that’s a testament to the talent of the man.

And with the tea rooms and pleasant atmosphere, it’s perfect for a day out in London. By visiting, you’ll potentially learn to appreciate real art in a new way, and learn how this man has shaped design in the UK. In essence, the William Morris Gallery is a real gem.