What Makes London Such A Business Hub?


When push comes to shove, London has one of the largest financial sectors in Europe. Throughout the sprawling metropolis of Canary Wharf and Liverpool Street, you’ll find buildings glazed with money, their tinted windows giving the outside world only a hint of what goes on behind closed doors. With the international reach of the cities banks and businesses, it’s no wonder that the area has become one of the most exciting spaces in the world to set up your business in. So, with London’s sprawling hub and fervent competition, what is it that makes it so exceptional for the financial and business sector?

Great accommodation for business travellers

business trip to london

One of the main attractions for business travellers in the city, is that there is always somewhere great to stay. On top of the wide range of Barbican hotels in London, you’ll find business hotels and luxury suites with corporate rooms all across the city. Usually located near to large public transport sites such as Liverpool Street, the business hotels of London are world class, and can accommodate for your every need.

Easy to use transport

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Although huge, London has created one of the best transport systems in the world. Here you’ll find that it is actually quicker to travel underground than over ground, almost every other street having its own tube station. There are even underground lines designed specifically for commuters, such as the Waterloo and City Line, which connects Bank to Waterloo in a journey taking under 5 minutes in length from one side of the river to the other.

The entertainment is world class

afternoon tea london

There’s no better city in the world for corporate hospitality than London. Whether it’s afternoon tea near the Barbican or a theatre show in the West End, there are plenty of reasons why London is a city which never sleeps. With entertainment of all types, you and your co-workers will undoubtedly be spoilt for choice when visiting the city.

Easy to walk


Once you get into the city centre, London is incredibly easy, and scenic, to walk through. Whether you’re travelling from Liverpool Street to the Barbican, or from Shoreditch to Kings Cross, there’s plenty of quaint and vibrant routes for you to take. London is a city which was built for walking, and though the thousand square miles might take you a while, there’s plenty to see if you have the time. Why not take a Santander cycle along one of the many London cycling superhighways for a breath of fresh air between meetings?

A multicultural hub

40 percent of Londoners were not born in the UK, this makes what could be a daunting city a lot more accommodating. London is home to many cultures, so wherever you’re travelling from, you’ll find something which reminds you of home.

Several different business sectors

Many cities have just one financial centre, London has many. From the tech hub of Shoreditch to the financial goliath of Canary Wharf, you can expect to find a wide range of businesses scattered throughout the city. Many districts focus on certain aspects of business. Soho for instance, is a large hub of entertainment and media outlets, whilst Fleet Street is famously the home of journalism offices. If you have multiple meetings during the day, you might find yourself in a completely new area for each one!