Lights! Camera! Action! Movie locations to visit in London


A metropolis globally-renowned for its architecture, culture and irresistible cosmopolitan vibe, London’s also a city that’s been immortalised on the big screen for pretty much as many years as cinema has existed itself, having been portrayed from so many different viewpoints – from the magical and mystical to the nail-biting thrilling. All the more reason then that, on a visit to the place (perhaps while staying at honeymoon suites London such as The Barbican Rooms), to check out just some of the following locations made so recognisable by the following cinematic creations…

James Bond films

Perhaps modern-day Britain’s favourite hero, the MI6 operative that’s the world’s most famous secret agent no less, James Bond, has enormous connections with the UK capital. The real Thameside MI6 HQ at Vauxhall Cross (a building in beige and green stone that looks like it’s been crafted from Lego-blocks, to an extent) features extensively in the recent 007 films – it’s featured in practically every one of the series entries from the 1990s, 2000s and 2010s (especially 1999’s The World Is Not Enough, 2012’s Skyfall and 2015’s Spectre). Also, from the present-day Daniel Craig era, the view atop the Ministry of Defence building at the end of Skyfall takes in Westminster’s Big Ben, while Westminster Bridge features notably in both Pierce Brosnan’s Die Another Day (2002) and Spectre.


Harry Potter series

Shifting from the realist fantasy of Bond to the unqualified magic of Harry Potter, you’ll find much of the latter’s Muggle world’s based in the capital; with much of the architecture described in the books and translated to the big screen present in London. This includes the scenes featuring the Ministry of Magic (filmed just outside Scotland Yard), Diagon Alley (Borough Market and Leadenhall Market) and, of course, King Cross railway station’s Platform 9 ¾, the iconic portal into the Potter’s wondrous world before he and his other students jump aboard the Hogwarts Express. Indeed, a spot in the station has now been designated for you to pose for a selfie and even dress up suitably via props borrowed from a nearby stall. Moreover, no Potterhead could pass up a day spent at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour where so many of the major interior sets used in the movie series remain for fans to see for themselves.

Bridget Jones movies

A romcom queen the world over, Bridget Jones’s world predominantly revolves around London locations. Helen Fielding’s literary creation – a lovelorn and often helplessly hapless young woman – featured in a hit 2001 blockbuster and, so far, two sequels. Her kooky apartment is to be found just south of the river (having been originally located in Holland Park in the books); indeed, if you visit the, well, already vert visitable Borough Market you’ll come across her flat’s notable black front door next to The Globe pub (Bedale Street). And just around the corner from the world-famous, trendy, foodie-focused market is located the Greek market where Bridget’s two love rivals Darcy and Daniel hilariously resorted to pathetic fisticuffs (in reality, it’s a wine merchant named Bedales).