Liberty London is located on Regents Street in the West End and is widely regarded as one of the best and most luxurious shopping experiences in the capital. Although many may be tempted by the bright lights of Oxford Street, the fact remains that to escape the hustle and bustle Regent Streets best in luxury shopping is hard to beat. In London there are almost too many department stores to choose from, but with the rich history surrounding Liberty and its high quality and great value products, visitors from London City Suites Barbican will find it hard to put a foot wrong when shopping at the 140 year old department store.

Legacy of Arthur Liberty

Arthur Lasenby Liberty originally took a job in Regents Street for two employers known as Messrs Farmer and Rogers in the year that Kensington hosted the International Exhibition. The International Exhibition was aimed at celebrating different nation’s achievements in commerce and invention. After this and having gained various other experiences, Arthur decided it was time for him to open his own establishment and therefore begun to build his own brand thanks to a 2000 pound loan from his father. The shop opened in 1875 and started out selling Japanese ornaments inspired by what Arthur saw at the International Exhibition. He then expanded his wares after repaying his loan, creating a basement of home furnishings and then introducing a “costume department. In the 1920’s, the building relocated so that the shops original site on Regents Street could be renovated.


Liberty Store

As this renovation took place at the original site of 218a Regent Street, the new building was styled with the façade of the Tudor Revival of the time. This meant that there was a thatched roof built. The building was created using the timber from two ships, the HMS Hindustan and the HMS Impregnable and was designed by architect Edwin Hall at the height of the Tudor Revival. Although this was criticised by some Architectural historians, the company is still well renowned for its unique design and it still sticks in the memory of all visitors.

Liberty now

In 2000, Liberty was sold in a deal for over 30 million pounds and has expanded its collections even more. Nowadays, Liberty is known to sell a range of men’s, women and children’s clothing, The Men’s clothing includes vivid floral design shirts whilst the woman’s clothing includes women’s Barbour jackets. There is also a range of jewellery for women which includes beautiful Lulu Frost Jardin Cuff, inspired by the natural beauty of the Lily flower. There is also Alexander Monroe designed beautiful Dor Beetle and Smokey Quartz studded earrings, inspired by the pride of the Pharaoh’s, the much revered Dor beetle. The company specialise in taking the designs of animals and making them into brilliant statement pieces of jewellery.

On top of this, the company is known for creating amazing tableware and homeware in unique and bold designs which really stand out. The Fabrics at Liberty are also the same, boasting the company’s signature creative flare.