A guide to Central London’s neighbourhoods


While London is admittedly a massive city, if you want to be in the thick of things, where all the action takes place you have to visit Central London! It is home to the best of everything from entertainment to shopping, restaurants to cultural venues. And most of the top attractions are in close proximity to each other, so you could even leg it, to save money on transport costs.

If you are looking for accommodation in London on your next trip, this is the location to stay. There are plenty of hotels that cater to all types of budgets and finding a suitable hotel in this part of town, should not be a problem.

A good option to stay at a place that offers great value for money is the London City Suites near the Barbican, bang in the centre of the city. It is the best place to set up base before you set off on your exploratory tour of the many wonderful neighbourhoods London has on offer.


Notting Hill

Probably one of the most well known and recognised neighbourhoods of London. It gained universal recognition thanks to the eponymously titled movie that starred British heartthrob Hugh Grant and the gorgeous Julia Roberts. For those who are wondering all about the place go watch the movie and you will realise why it is so irresistible to visit. Although some areas are packed with tourists other parts of the neighbourhood are tranquil and serene. While in the area do not forget to pop-in to Portobello Market.

Hyde Park

Another gem of London, Hyde Park is out of the finest of the eight royal parks that are located in London. Despite being located in the heart of the city amidst the concrete jungle all around, it is out of the most tranquil places to spend a quiet afternoon. There are plenty of attractions within the park to explore and lovely nature trails to go on a hike. Nothing quite compares to enjoying a lovely picnic, in a quiet corner of the park on a sunny afternoon.


One of the coolest residential areas of London, Kensington is also strikingly pretty, quite like Notting Hill. It is home to two of the finest museums in the city, The Science Museum and the Natural History Museum and plenty of beautiful gardens in the area. And it also is the location where you will find one of London’s most impressive and famous pubs – The Churchill Arms!


Chelsea is vibrant and spunky all the way. The place is crawling with pubs, markets, shops and squares where you will find a gaggle of people just having a good time, exploring, shopping or dining. It is out of the best places to meet up with friends with whom you could chill out and spend a lovely afternoon. Chelsea has an atmosphere that sets its part from the other neighbourhoods of London!


Mayfair is another central neighbourhood that borders Hyde Park, Regent Street and Oxford Street. One of the most posh areas of London it is also out of the priciest! Two of the biggest and most well known shopping streets of London separate Mayfair from the rest of the city. If you are a shopaholic and willing to splurge this is the place to shop! There are innumerable shopping options to choose from so make the most of your trip to the area.

St. John’s Wood

Another lush green locale of Central London, St. John’s Wood is located to the west of Regent Park. The area is primarily a residential area popular for its connection to the music industry in London. It is home to the legendary Sir Paul McCartney who stays in the neighbourhood and also is the area where you will find the city’s famous Abbey Road Studio. The studio is where the Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ album was created and where they recorded most of their smash hit songs. A must visit for all those Beatlemania fans out there!


The plush neighbourhood of Marylebone is located between Regent Park and Oxford Street.  It is home to Madame Tussauds, The Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street, The Wallace Collection and Selfridges among a host of other great shopping venues.


Located near Marylebone, is the small neighbourhood of Fitzrovia. Despite its tiny size Fitzrovia is one of the most happening neighbourhoods of London, especially on the arts scene. There are numerous art galleries and centres where the artsy cognoscenti can be found mingling and comparing notes and looking for art pieces to purchase. And the area is home to some of the most exclusive boutiques and brand labels, where you could shop for the latest trending fashion wear.


Soho could be described as the arts and cultural epicentre of London. Again despite Soho’s size (it is relatively small) it makes up for in terms of character and sheer sassiness! There are plenty of funky places to shop, great places to dine, plenty of dance clubs to party, and great pubs to just hang out at and have a blast. There are a lot of artsy and cultural activities also to participate in all through the year, in this vibrant neighbourhood.


A teeny neighbourhood Knightsbridge is located at a stone’s throw from Hyde Park. It is where you can expect to find the biggest, best and priciest luxury department stores in London. To sum it up in one word – Harrods – the store pretty much epitomises all that is to be found in Knightsbridge. There are loads of mother pricey places to shop at and not so pricey places as well. It is where you will find the multimillionaires and billionaires mansions, with sleek cars and classy luxury hotels in the neighbourhood. The area exudes wealth and luxury, oodles of it too!