Forget Normal and Bring Out Your Quirky Side


Being a tourist in London, it sometimes feels that there are certain things you have to see and certain rules you have to follow, for example, you must ride the iconic red double decker bus; you have to visit Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament and it is imperative that you take in a West End show. Even though it can feel that these “rules” are ones that need to be adhered to when visiting the capital city, you are allowed to branch away and visit the weird and wonderful side of London and there are certainly some memorable places to visit.


Dinner with Dahl

Roald Dahl is one of the most famous children’s authors in the world and, to mark his 100 year anniversary, you are invited to dine with his most infamous married couple, Mr and Mrs Twit. The ‘Dinner at the Twits’ dining experience mixed with a show and it takes place after the Dahl’s story and, with the consent from the family, a sequel has been constructed along with drinks and a menu that you would expect from the grotesque couple. The chefs from Bompas & Parr have created a mixed menu that is delicious and memorable with words such as ‘festering clutch’ and ‘mouldy delight’ making an appearance and they have even added mealworms to keep in context with the show while the drinks menu includes many cocktails with some containing real stingy nettles, so just beware!

The Twits themselves are exactly how you would expect them to be, ugly, dirty and downright mean, just as Dahl created them. For any Roald Dahl fan, it is certainly an event that will be remembered, just head to The Vaults near the London City Suites Montcalm Brewery for a memorable experience.

Travel Down the World’s Longest Slide

In 2012, London was honoured with being the hosts of the Olympic and Paralympic games. To immortalise this momentous occasion, Sir Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond teamed up to create the largest sculpture in Britain, the AcelorMittal Orbit. This swooping, looping structure is situated a short ride away from restaurants London City and contains a whopping 35,000 bolts and is made from recyclable steel from cars, washing machines and other household items and transport. It towers over the city and offers views with a 20 mile radius, a spectacular way to view the city, however, as stunning as those views are, it is the giant slide that attracts many people to AcelorMittal Orbit.

Reliving your childhood is something that all adults strive to achieve every once in a while and taking the world’s highest and longest slide to the bottom of the AcelorMittal Orbit is a great way to get your inner child out to play. This slide a fantastic experience as there are so many effects along the way including light and dark sections, views of the city, a corkscrew turn as well as the knowledge that you’re actually sliding down a piece of public art. The entire slide down will take just under one minute and that includes a full 12 time loop around the structure, don’t worry you won’t get nauseous, and a 50m straight at the end. The age limit is 8 years old on this slide, mainly due to the enclosed tunnel and simply the amount of time it takes to get to the bottom, and tickets allow one slide and need to be purchased jointly with the entrance ticket for general entry. It is a very unique experience and it has been rated one of London’s top attractions for 2016.

These are simply two out of hundreds of unique experiences you could have while visiting London. If you are looking for a cocktail in a unique venue, you could choose from the hidden Rooftop Gardens in Kensington, the chilled Ice Bar near Piccadilly Circus, Gordon’s Wine Bar that gives you a glimpse into the past or even the Shard that offers you breathtaking views while you drink. However, if it is an overnight stay with a twist that you are looking for, then visit the British, Natural History and Science Museums that offer a sleepover for adults several times throughout the year. You can eat, drink, dance and sleep amongst the artifacts and wake up to a delicious breakfast in the morning. Booking is essential at these events but it is most definitely worth the experience.

London has so much to offer and even the locals are still finding new, hidden surprises around every corner and so, whether you are a first timer to the city or you are a regular visitor, London will have something for you.