The UK is always full of surprises. Whether you’re in the mood for food or looking for that next big cultural trip, there are plenty of sights and sounds in the city. Not least in London. The problem with the capital is that there’s just way too much to see so taking it in bite sized chunks can help, plus organising your day meticulously. That’s why we’re offering guests at London Suites a few pointers for some truly British experiences. London is a sprawling city, so be sure to look for travel directions to make your journeys through the city as easy as possible.

London Museum

Lampton Park

Lampton Park is based in Hounslow in West London and is made from 40 acres of green, one of the largest green spaces in West London. The park consists of playing fields in the North and winding paths and a vast array of colourful flowers in the South. This park came into existence in 1925 and developed to open in May 1930. One landmark to explore in the park is an extensive rose garden, 40 metres in diameter whilst the park has been adorned with geometrical sculptures for some years now.

Hounslow Urban Farm

Hounslow Urban Farm covers 29 acres of land and is used for educational and leisure purposes, this makes it a great place to bring the kids and get them to stretch their legs out of their Suite Hotels in London. Here you can enjoy farm animals such as pigs goats, ducks and even alpacas and peacocks. This urban farm is perfect for any animal lover, especially those who don’t often get the chance to interact with wild animals of this type. On top of animal handling, visitors can get pony rides and witness Owl flying displays as well sampling the delights of the on-farm café and souvenir shop.

Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens is also known as Kew Gardens and based in Southwest London and was founded in 1840. Based in Richmond upon Thames, the garden combines 30,000 plant species whilst the on-site library has over 750,000 volumes of work concerning the study of botany and plant life. As one of the most diverse botanic gardens in the world, Kew Gardens has become one of the top tourist hotspots and is well worth a visit during the sunny British weather.

London Museum of Water and Steam

Based near Kew Bridge, the London Museum of Water and Steam was founded in 1975 on what used to be the Kew Bridge Pumping Station in Brentford. The museum uses the stationary water pumping steam engines on site to its advantage, using it as a home for the world’s largest Cornish engine collection including the largest of these engines in the world. The original Kew Bridge Pumping Station was opened in 1838 after one in Chelsea was closed due to its poor water quality. The museum uses this as a centrepiece to its exploration of London’s long history of water pumping, unearthing the complexities and technological feat of engineering which was needed to bring the residents of London good quality water.