The London Transport Museum is a museum located in Covent Garden which focuses on the development of transport in the city. Spanning on the growth of transport services over the last two hundred years, the museum gives visitors a unique insight into how the Underground, bus services and other transport links work and organise whilst showing you the engineering feats that have been applied to them. Any guest staying at the London City Suites by Montcalm Chiswell Street will no doubt by now appreciate the magnitude of London and how far it reaches. Not unsurprisingly this has meant that the London transport systems have grown exponentially after the last few decades, keeping pace with a rapidly expanding city. To link all sides of the city, helping people from Acton to Leyton to feel connected in its own right deserves a museum dedicated to the awe inspiring work put in to make such an endeavour a reality.

History of the Transport Museum

The site of the Transport Museum was originally a flower market in the Covent Garden area but after it moved out in 1973, the London Transport Museum was developed, opening in 1980. The original idea was to preserve and educate on the heritage of London’s transport, mostly the bus and tube services. After the opening of the governmental department known as “Transport of London”, the remit of the museum opened up even wider to include the use of cross rail, tram services and all the other transport links in the city. The collection, the back catalogue of which is stored in a Depot in Acton ranges from 19th and 20th century vehicles used in London as well as a range of exhibitions exploring the way that London transport systems were marketed to the general; public and its effect on the city on a social and scientific level.

Shopping at the Transport Museum

Like all other Museums you will of course have to “exit through the gift shop”. But with the London Transport Museum you’ll find this to be less a chore and more a part of the experience. The range of products available at the London transport Museum means that you will never be short of gift ideas. With its range of Vintage underground posters you will find that the items on sale are not only great memorabilia but stylish as well. Other items even include furniture inspired by the designs on London Underground seats as well as limited edition fender guitars decorated with the London Tube Map. Other items on sale include kitchen and homeware. Mugs decorated with London Underground signs as well as transport emblems would make a great gift to any family or friends outside of London whilst the vintage and retro poster designs will be hard to let go of.

Getting there

The London Transport Museum is located in Covent Garden and is easily accessible by the Underground Tube station of the same name. Covent Garden tube station serves the Piccadilly Line and has elevator access.