London’s many unique districts set it apart from other cities. It is often said that the city of London’s diverse districts act as their own separate villages, the distinct character of the architecture, the inhabitants and the attractions make them all their own entities, a collective that exists with and without each other. This cohabitation of the Greater London landscape has led to the different microcosms crying out with their different voices and drawing in visitors with their exciting styles; with that comes the plethora of street markets. London’s tradition of street food markets has been around for millennia and has widened in range as more and more people have flocked to the city. With each area, be it Chelsea, Dalston or even Enfield, comes a great many street food markets who put their own stamp on the tradition.

London street food

Broadway Market

Broadway Market is slap bang right next to London Fields, giving you a prime place to enjoy your vegan curries, gourmet fried chicken and even doughnuts, all of which are on offer every Saturday of the week. Whether it’s an artisan coffee, a craft ale or a beautiful pub terrace, Broadway Market can provide it for you, and then some.


Ever since 2012, Dinerama has bloomed across London, springing up around London’s many derelict spaces and into a buzzing brew of street food and bars. With an added dash of music, both live and mixed, the space has an atmosphere that evokes a street party yet retains the character of the spaces in which it has recycled. Places where you can find Dinerama in London include Canada Water, Dalston, Lewisham, Battersea and Bermondsey.

Acklam Village World Street Food Market

Acklam Village in West London plays host to a broad range of international food traders and chefs from across the world every weekend of the month. In keeping with the multicultural collage of the Notting Hill area of London, the World Street Market celebrates cuisine from Africa, Cuba, China, Morocco, Mexico, Palestine and Venezuela alongside many others. If you’re staying at a London City Suites Hotel and are looking for an excuse to explore one of the most well-known and well documented areas of the city, then the Acklam Village World Street Food Market is your port of call.

Borough Market

Borough Market in London Bridge is one of the oldest street food markets in the city. Doubling up as a nocturnal wholesale food market for restaurants looking to buy ingredients, Borough Market offers a wide range of foods from across the world. What’s more, the River Thames is right on your doorstep giving you a great view whilst you eat.


For those staying in Montcalm City Suites, your nearest food market is Spitalfields, based in Shoreditch. Alongside the range of boutique clothes, arts and crafts and accessories being sold, you can also find a wide range of some of London’s best street food. Just be sure you don’t mix them up. With the Bangladeshi and Jewish infused Brick Lane just round the corner, it’s no wonder Spitalfields market is so vibrant.