Experience London in Winter


Travelling to a city in the winter is not nearly as enticing as the idea of a trip in the summer is. Naturally, many people choose to forego the opportunity to break their winter blues, opting instead for the lush comforts of their home. But if you’re looking for a 4 or 5-night mini adventure this winter season, you’ll be glad to know that London has a range of exciting activities and attractions.

One of them is the Lumiere London festival – which brings together 20 artists enlisted to light up the streets of the capital. With performances, projects, and neon light – this event will make the West End sparkle like never before this year. The city-wide collection of magical installations will brighten the streets and will take place for four nights in mid-January.

The Underground Film Club is also open until the 29th November, featuring a mix of classics that include Casablanca, Some like it hot, Amy, and Jurassic Park. Another similar venue is the outdoor film club in Regents Park, but considering it’s the winter, visiting the Underground Film instead no doubt makes far more sense.

Somerset house

The Skate at Somerset House (a grand eighteen-century courtyard) provides couples and families alike with the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic skating session this winter. Often, the biggest gripe that prevents people from jumping at the chance of doing some skating is their fear. They’re not sure if they’re going to be able to skate as elegantly as they hope to.

The truth is, most people don’t know how to skate. You’re not going here to strive for perfection, but merely to test yourself, and do something that’s out of your comfort zone! With the London city suites barbican nearby close to the Jugged Hare restaurant, you’ll be close to excellent dining venues alongside a luxurious accommodation.

Whatever season you visit, you’ll no doubt have a great experience in London. But we feel like there’s a certain charm about London during the winter. Book your stay this season, and explore it for everything that is and more.