Exceptional and affordable experiences in London


There are a plethora of famous mainstreams attractions in London. But there are also many cheaper alternatives. Those who are looking to reduce their costs when spending time London will have plenty of options. In this post, we’ll explore some cheaper attractions and experiences worth having.

The Montcalm suites London position visitors to the capital in the ideal locale. From there, they can navigate the hub of central London, and find all the mainstream attractions they seek. Cheaper attractions are also found in central London just the same way. Let’s take a look at some of them below.


Instead of only opting for the fancy, expensive restaurants in Leicester Square, why not have cheap eats in ChinaTown? The area is just around the corner from Leicester Square on Gerrard Street, bringing authentic Chinese cuisine to London. Lots of small little pop up stands can be found, as well as stores where you can buy some food to bring home, and more elaborate restaurants. Whatever you choose, the prices will be less costly than the Restaurants in London city.

St Pauls Cathedral

St. Pauls' Cathedral

The St Pauls Cathedral is an iconic church built in the shape of a cross, and inside guests will find two galleries as well as a great view. While it’s not as encapsulating as the London Eye’s – it nevertheless manages to offer something worth experiencing for a fairer price. Admission charges cost £18, but for everything you will experience in this historic venue, it’s worth the cost.

The British Library

Knowing St Pancras International as one of the main railway stations from which passengers come in and out of London, it’s a good thing there’s a few attractions around the area. The British Library is free to visit and open till 6pm on most days of the week.

Inside, you’ll find exhibits of rare ancient manuscripts and scriptures, as well as the Tapling stamp collection. Musical scores from musicians such as Beethoven are also in there. This is a venue you’ll most definitely want to spend your time exploring.

Thames Cruise

You can enjoy a fabulous River Thames cruise for no more than £15. One of the reasons why we recommend this sort of experience is because, embracing a city along the river gives you a different perspective of the city. It allows you to appreciate London in ways that you otherwise wouldn’t.

In conclusion, London doesn’t have to be extraordinarily expensive. With the number of free museums and galleries; such as the TATE Gallery and the Science Museum – you don’t need to spend much. And with the three alternatives we’ve provided in this post, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the finer things in London for less.