Everything you want to see in London this Winter


While winter may not always be promoted as the best time to visit a city, we believe that idea doesn’t apply to London. With the Christmas spirit in the air, fantastic sales, and the way the city lights up – we can’t think of a better place for you and your family to enjoy this Christmas holiday.

With the London Suites Montcalm brewery has to offer; you can also find yourself a bargain during this season if you book your stay at the right. And with the numerous restaurants London city has to offer; you won’t have to worry in the slightest about enjoying a lovely, sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner here.

London Winter

While summer is warm and cheerful in London, the winter here is spirited and delightful. What’s particularly welcoming about winter in the city here, is the fact that temperatures rarely dip below 5 degrees – so while yes it will be cold, it won’t be unbearable. To help prevent the chills, we naturally recommend you visit the city with enough layers just in case. There’s nothing worse than touring a new town and getting a touch of frostbite when you least want it!

With more attractions than we can count, London’s eclectic scene becomes, even more, inviting with its fabulous range of ice rinks – which open up right around the Christmas season. From the ice rink near the National History Museum to the Broadgate Ice rink, and more – you’ll find few cities in Europe that provide such a huge amount of choice.

That’s the thing about London – it never fails to surprise with just how much it can offer. So if you’re looking for the kind of trip that fulfils your desires, while providing you with far more beautiful surprises during this Christmas period – then London is your go-to place. To take the best advantage of your trip here, we invite you to book your flight early to get the best price possible you can, during this high season. You might also want to look into the idea of paying for a London Pass in advance.