Enjoying London for Less


Travel Tips

London is full of delights, but experiencing some of them can prove to be expensive. After all, the capital is one of the top three most expensive cities in Europe. That’s understandable considering it’s the number one, most visited tourist destination in the world. Now with that said, if you navigate the city carefully, and make the right choices, you can have a fabulous experience in London for far less than you might think. One of the main ways you can do that, without compromising the number of attractions you visit, is by buying a London pass.

The sightseeing city card gives you free entry to more than 50 major attractions in London. Some of the venues include: the London Zoo, Madame Tussauds, the Kensington Palace, the Kew Gardens, the Wimbledon tour experience and much more. What’s incredible about purchasing the London pass is that it comes provided with information all of the attractions included –giving you the clarity on which attractions you should visit.

Besides, often times we decide not to visit an attraction because we the deem the costs too high. But once you’ve paid a flat fee, suddenly visiting all the attractions will feel easy. Plus, keep in mind that you will have fast track access and discounted restaurant rates for the major attractions. So, essentially, the London pass makes London feel like your playground -meaning you’re that much more likely to enjoy your stay.

You can speed up your travel in London with cashless cards, and enjoy one of the finer more luxurious accommodations with all your savings. A stay in a fantastic city should never be compromised by subpar accommodation, and the London city suites by Montcalm London are synonymous with the best in comfort and design. Besides, the venue houses the Montcalm restaurant – allowing you to conveniently enjoy a restaurant meal on the odd occasion should you wish.

If you want to enjoy London for less, you’ll definitely want to make these restaurant outings few in number. Naturally, we recommend you visit the markets; such as Camden Market to enjoy some great street food. Sometimes the food can be just as appetizing and enjoyable as a restaurant meal, so long as you don’t expect a candle lit dinner in a scenic atmosphere.

Other than that, whenever you can, opt for the free museums and galleries on the days that you’re not using the London day pass. Seeing as you’ll want to get the most money for your spend, fill your days with all the approved London attractions to get the most value from your trip. Other than that, opt for the bus when you can, and walk as much possible, and you’ll make your time in London both blissful and affordable.