Let’s face it; keeping kids happy on holidays can be a nightmare. Sometimes, all they need is a swimming pool, sometimes they’re far harder to please. That is one of the benefits of London, in that it can cater to all children’s tastes, and we know they can be picky, at all times of year, keeping everyone, even the parents, happy and enjoying their holiday. So what are the best attraction’s to the UK capital and what type of kids will they keep the most happy?

Lego Land

Lego Land is a theme park based in Windsor and is a must for anybody looking for an all-round family fun theme park. The problem with many theme parks is that there are often rides for which smaller children are too short to ride, but with Lego Land, the tamer roller coasters meant that slightly younger children can ride them. As compensation for those thrill seekers out there, every ride encapsulates the humour and charm of the Lego franchise. Pirate Falls is a great place to start, a pirate themed Lego water ride which incorporates elements of Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean water ride with its own unique stamp. What’s more the Mini Lego model city replicas have an attention to detail and cuteness that can’t be matched.

Harry Potter World

Harry Potter World

Are your children Potter heads? If they are and you’ve already taken them to see platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station, then take them to Leavesden’s Warner Brother’s Studios for an immersive trip into the world of Harry Potter. This tour caters to all ages, as you get an in depth and hands on look into what went into making the film series, plus the largest selection of props for any film franchise on display in one place. Explore Diagon Alley, a replica of Privet Drive and even the breath taking office of Professor Dumbledore. You can learn about the work that went into making the props and sets of the film series whilst also diving right into the magic at the heart of Harry’s world.

City Farms

For a city that’s been so built up and has some of the tallest buildings in Europe, you’d be surprised at the amount of green spaces and farm land available in the city. With a primary focus of giving city dwelling kids and adults a chance to learn about the cities surrounding countryside and tips for living an eco-friendly life, these free farms give locals and tourists alike a great opportunity to see some real life British Farm Animals in safe and comfy enclosures. Hackney City Farm is home to several Donkey, some pigs and plenty of farm birds including Ducks and Geese.


Kids always complain when there’s no swimming pool at the hotel their staying at. Whilst it may be hard to find one in Hotel Suites in London, this is made up for by the amount of outdoor lidos found around the city. With the summer coming up, these swimming pools will begin to be flooded with guests so if you’d like a quick dip at the art deco London Fields Lido or the natural coolness of Hampstead Heath, then get down earlier so you and the kids can make the most of the swimming pools.

Museum Row

A great day out for all, South Kensington’s Museum Row is a tourist hot spot due to their child friendly and educational museums such as the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. Here you’ll find interactive exhibitions from everything from Dinosaurs to bubbles, and whilst the interactive science gear at the Science Museum will sharpen the mind and raise the hairs (sometimes literally) the Natural History Museum will wow with its wide range of fossils and stuffed animal collections.