Big Smoke brilliance: London – the city that has everything


Don’t doubt it; London is undoubtedly a city that has absolutely everything. There’s an unrestricted number of treasures to unearth here. From pop-ups to festivals to warehouse club nights to comedy nights and riverboat cruises to summer-essential rooftop bars, there’s something for absolutely everything. Not least those who love shopping; not just at high-quality high-street outlets and department stores, but also at much-loved markets vending produce, antiques, street-food, womenswear and menswear, vintage goods and jewellery and bric-a-brac. The Big Smoke then, definitely has something for you…

Multi-cultural melting pot means delicious cuisine

The UK capital boasts some of the finest Indian food around. As well as Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Korean, and Italian and, yes, so on. Hicken tikka is actually a more popular dish here now then good old, traditional fish and chips; a legitimate indicator of ethnic diversity – and enjoyment of ethnically diverse cuisine – if ever there were one, surely!

London Food

Much around you’s in walking – or Tube – distance

Yes, it’s true; you genuinely can stroll between most attractions, venues, stores and so on in the West End. And if it feels a little too far for your tired feet to take you from ‘A to B’, you can always resort to the easy-peasy and – generally – very reliable subterranean railway network, the London Underground (or the ‘Tube’, as it’s affectionately referred to by all and sundry). Plus, if you do try to maintain a regime of trying to walk between places in this area of the capital (say, from where you might be staying, like Montcalm hotel Barbican, to a nearby top theatre for a top night out), chances are you’ll pass many very cool places on the way.

Breathe in all the history

Such must-stop-and-snap sights you may come across are, of course, of historical resonance. London’s history spans a full millennium, so in the centre of the city, you may spot Ancient Roman ruins like the London Wall, Middle Ages buildings like the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey and many extant Victorian-era architecture, like the Hoses of Parliament, the Royal Albert Hall and the iconic Tower Bridge. And, yes, again; much of it’s well within walking distance of whichever high-quality accommodation you may choose for you visit, such as the London Suites hotel.

It’s a summer city – and then some!

Finally, there’s no question about it; the UK capital definitely comes alive at this time of year. Events are going all the time, many of them are on the same day in summer; everything ranging from music festivals to arts fests, pop-up food stalls to warehouse parties, fresh produce markets to and outdoor movie showings… and so much more. Plus, if you prefer something less organised and more informal and personalised, then the many parks are brimming with people picnicking, playing ball games, riding bikes, skates and horses and just soaking up the sun’s rays, while rooftop bars overflow with people and the pubs with their beer gardens do a roaring trade – especially when major sporting events are taking place, of course. So, don’t doubt it; London really is the city with everything – especially in the summer!