Spring is here and that means many of us will want to be finding places to eat cheap and cheerful food in the beautiful sunshine. London is not devoid of possibilities when it comes to eating out, but when you don’t want to be enclosed in a restaurant and basking in the warmth of the soon to be summer, then the options become slightly more limited as you don’t want to be attacked by pesky pigeons in street squares. Below guests at London City Suites can find some heads up in terms of market and street food areas that will be sure to whet your appetite with some multicultural delights.

London Street Food

London Street Feast

London Street Feast is a company that runs several branches around the city, currently residing in Lewisham, Canada Water and Shoredicth, covering the East, North East and South East of the city. The idea behind them is that they convert derelict and disused spaces into amazing food stalls and dance areas, combining great dining with socialising. Food stalls in the Street Feast’s inventory include the Wingfest Award winning BBQ lab with their Chipuffulo Wings and secret sauce. Other stalls include the innovative Chin Chin Labs, making ice cream from nitrous oxide and the duck n roll market stall which cooks up all sorts of duck dishes.

Borough Market

Borough Market has existed for over a thousand years and is known as one of London’s most historic market areas. From 2am till 8am every night there is a wholesale market for street traders whilst in the day time the street food stalls open up. In the medieval era this market was located in an extension of London Bridge before being moved to its location slightly further away after a royal charter from King Edward VI. This means that there is now more space for market stalls, including the amazing Ethiopian Foods, selling delicacies from the region as well as Gourmet Goat which sells Grecian twists on Goat meat and cheese.

Camden Market

CamdeN Market not only sells vintage clothes and accessories, but food as well. With its food court bringing amazing dining experiences with outdoor tables and chairs, the area is  known especially for its great range of Chinese buffet and street food. Other stalls include Pumped Up Chips and the Rainbo, the latter of which sells amazing colourful Gyoza with amazing oriental seasoning. Lulu Schnitzel delivers great bred crumbed chicken in a wide variety of different dishes, including burgers and its own unique dipping sauces.

Camden Market

Spitalfields Market

Spitalfields market in Shoreditch is not far from the street food of London Street Feast, creating some healthy competition in the area. Whichever you chose for your lunch, Spitalfields market is well known for its wide range of market stalls with hundreds of stalls every week. There has been a market in Spitalfields for over 350 years, dating abck to 1638 when King Charles gave a license for meat and veegtables to be sold in the area, which at the time was a rural part and outskirt of London. The market disappeared for a few decades but was re-established in 1682 by King Charles II due to the growing nature of London needing a new market place in the suburbs.

Broadway Market

Broadway Market is located in London Fields and has its own Market every Saturday among the book shops and cafes of the London Fields area. The market used to be larger back in the 19th century but was only re-established in 2004, now becoming a staple of the area and widely popular food market, mostly for ingredients for cooking.