Best Places to Ice Skate in London Anytime of the Year


London is one of the most beautiful destinations to celebrate winters. This city beautifully decorates a season that can be gloomy, when the outdoor activities are limited. From winter wonderland to ice skating to markets you can do a lot in this buzzing city in winter season.

One of the most sought-after winter activities in this city is ice skating. Massive ice-rinks are set up in some iconic and beautiful locations of the city. If you are travelling here specially to indulge in the ice-skating experience or are a skating enthusiast looking for a fun ice-skating rink you don’t have to restrict yourself for the winter months only.


The below mentioned places offer you experience and enjoy ice-skating throughout the year, irrespective of the weather conditions. Here are the destinations you can visit to enjoy ice skating in London.

Queens Skate

One of the most popular activities places in London the Queens Skate, bowl and dine will keep you, your friends or family happily entertained and engaged. This place offers a 12,000 feet ice rink where you can ice-skate at any time of the year. You can book slots to ice-skate on your own or take ice-skating lessons for yourself and your kids here. You can also go karting on ice here, curling or dance on ice here too. Being in sync with the Winter Olympics, this place has designed several winter games that you can enjoy here including ice hockey and more. Once you are tired after all the activities you can even dine here. This place is easily reachable from the hotels suites in London.

Lee Valley Ice Centre

Another destination where you can enjoy the winter special sport is Lee Valley Ice Centre. This centre is a part of the Lee Valley Regional Park in London. Here you can enjoy figure skating sessions, take skating sessions, play ice hockey or public skating sessions.

Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre

One of the biggest ice-rinks in London, it boasts of an Olympic sized ice skating rink. Here you can book a session to skate or even learn how to skate with a team of professionals. This place has been the home of ice-skating in London for over 80 years. Featuring a massive ice and leisure centre that has a 60X30m ice pad and seating for over 900 spectators. Other ice related activities include ice-hockey in the same centre. It’s a great day to spend a day here with your friends and family.

Where to stay?

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