Awesome for Autumn: Why London’s the Perfect City for This Season

Autumn in london

Travelling anywhere on holiday in the autumn isn’t first choice for some – but, don’t doubt it, a vacation in London in ‘the fall’ definitely comes up trumps. Why so especially? Because with so many great galleries, perfect parks, fabulous theatre shows and awesome rooftop bars to discover, how on Earth couldn’t it? Here’s just a short selection of some of the best things you can try out and sample this season in the UK capital…

Partake in Park life

Royal Parks

The beauty of London’s Royal Parks is such that, quite simply, they’re beautiful all-year-round. In winter they’re atmospheric, magical and like something out of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe; in spring they come to life; in summer they’re lustrous and green; and in autumn they’re full of reds, browns and golds. Quite frankly, with all that colour on display, you may conclude autumn’s the very best season of all in which to experience them. And who could blame you?

Experience a Pub’s warm hearth

It’s getting chilly out, so after a long day of sightseeing, few things beat an early evening in a warm, cosy public house. And London’s absolutely rammed with some of the greatest, most atmospheric city pubs you’ll ever come across. Be sure to pick one with an open fire roaring in the grate and, even better, a pet dog or cat to fall asleep on your lap as you sip your favourite tipple. Bliss.

 London Pub

Heat up with a Hot Toddy

Alternatively, if you fancy a night out that’s a little more stylish but, well, still rather alcoholically-fuelled, then how about frequenting a rooftop bar. In autumn? Why, yes; why not when there are heaters and blankets involved? It’s a great way to be sociable and genuinely experience autumn in London at the same time. The ‘Kuddly Kraken’ hot toddy at Tower Bridge’s SkyLounge comes highly recommended – not least because you can sample it not far at all from one of the best sources for a hotel suite London ; that is, the London City Suites Montcalm.

Step inside a West End Theatre

West End Theatre

For a really sophisticated – and genuinely warm! – night out, though, there’s nothing like dressing up to the nines, taking advantage of a last-minute ticket deal and seeing a show at a West End theatre. From magical musicals to sumptuous Shakespeare and hugely funny farces to cutting-edge drama, a roster of world-class stage-shows are all there, just waiting for you to indulge in.

Or Step Inside a Gallery

National Portrait Gallery

The UK capital’s unparalleled list of great galleries offer a marvellous distraction on a temperature-challenging day. Unearth amazing paintings and history combined at the National Portrait Gallery, eye-popping and challenging modern art at the Tate Modern or do your eyes a favour and pass them over works by Old Masters from France, Italy and the Netherlands at the Courthauld Gallery. Or, of course, go somewhere else entirely. The choice is entirely yours!