Animal Attractions: ZSL London Zoo – The Perfect Family Day Out?

London Zoo

Renowned around the world – and rightly so – for being one of the greatest zoos on the face of the earth, ZSL London Zoo, located in Regents Park, makes for just about the best day out for all the family possible in the UK capital. Comprising an extraordinarily diverse array of species (and doing so with a conscious too; the place is involved in conservation projects across the globe), it truly does offers up something for everyone – and arguably more besides…

Monkeys, Penguins and Tigers

London Tigers

First up, the animal exhibits… and they don’t come much more popular than our primate cousins. London Zoo’s home to all manner of small monkeys, rascal-like chimps and orangutans and much larger, marvellously moody-looking apes. It can also lay claim to the largest penguin pool in all the UK, enabling you to get up close and watch the fabulously cute diving avians in all their glory.  And midday’s definitely the time of day to head to Tiger Territory where the supreme Sumatran tigers hang out; these striped beasts may look magnificent in repose, but they get just as ravenous as the rest of us!

Food, Drink and a Fab Playground


Watching energetic examples of the animal kingdom could well enliven your little ones – and there’s nowhere better for them to let off steam that at the zoo’s excellent park with its fine adventure playground. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a much-needed pit stop via a picnic (if the weather holds up) or at one of the many cafés and restaurants (should you not be able to wait until you return to your accommodation; perhaps the Montcalm Suites London, where you may be enjoying one of the London city break deals?).

Interactive Education

London Zoo

As mentioned above, ZSL London Zoo’s not just about an entertaining tourist experience; it’s also very commendably committed to conservation of threatened species and, to that end, has an equally admirable approach to educating all its visitors – young and old – of the natural world and the threats and dangers that impinge on it in the 21st Century. As far as this site’s concerned then, the attitude and manta is ‘bringing down the barriers’; that means really connecting people with the animals and the zoo’s employees work on their behalf.

Adopt an animal or be a keeper (for a day)

Something of an extension to that last point is the smartly conceived and realised animal-benefitting initiatives ZSL has set up for its visitors. Indeed, the opportunity to adopt an animal living at the zoo enables you to receive a photo of the creature, along with a poster, certificate and other paraphernalia and a free-entry ticket to return and see them once again. Don’t doubt it; it’s ideal too as a one-off Christmas or birthday gift. Meanwhile, the ‘Keeper for a Day’ initiative gives young ones – and grown-ups too – the chance to discover all that goes into being a zookeeper on a daily basis and a chance to truly get close to various furry (and non-furry) friends.